8.4 miles
833 feet

dog friendly


nature trips

rock climbing

trail running



1 month ago

Love this hike. There are parts that get challenging if your not as confident of a hiker. had some friends who had a rougher go with this one. If you're uncertain of your abilities it could be worth your time to go up dang to see what you will have to hike down. (adds a fair amount to the hike) so if you go this route and feel comfortable it might be a better idea to start here. (does make it more difficult to do this) there are 6-7 more challenging spots that would be greatly aided by a rope but is fun to do without if your confident in your abilities. 1 semi rappel don't know if I can really call it that but you will have to decend or ascend with the aid of a rope that is already there. bring lots of water and make it last it can get fairly warm especially if it hasn't rained in a while and you don't want to run out. my favorite time I've done this hike was last summer about two weeks after it rained. there was a fair amount of water but it helped keep you cool. it got up to about chest high at that time. right now there was only really two places that had water. dang has the most. about waist high, ding is completely dodgeable but ankle high. happy hiking!