Photos of Death Hollow and Escalante River

Distance: 34.9 miles Elevation Gain: 6,407 feet Route Type: Loop






off trail

1 month ago

The Maime Creek portion of the Death Hollow trail is beautiful. The scenery is outstanding. Hiking along the river in the heat of early July was a pleasant experience. Watch out for posion ivy in the upper section. Be sure to wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and gloves. Some of the poison ivy is head high so a wide brim hat is also useful to keep the poison ivy away from your face. A bandana is also another option to protect your face. The Escalante River portion is very easy and still quite scenic. The Boulder Mail Trail that starts near Escalante is dry and exposed to sun with occasional trees for some relief from the sun. Because of the wetter than normal spring where were a few potholes filled with water but were brackish so don't plan on finding any water until you get back down into Death Hollow.

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