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Coyote Natural Bridge via Coyote Gulch

MODERATE 6 reviews

Coyote Natural Bridge via Coyote Gulch is a 7 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Powell, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and nature trips and is best used from April until October.

Distance: 7.0 miles Elevation Gain: 2,057 feet Route Type: Out & Back


nature trips


wild flowers





no shade

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no shade
3 months ago

To get from the rappel anchor to the trail, you need a 70 m climbing rope. NB, climbing ropes are typically 10 m longer in reality compared to the labeled length, so if you're measuring your own rope from a spool or something like that, you actually need 80 m of rope. I did it with a 60 m climbing rope (70 m long in reality) and had to scramble/climb down about 30 feet of some relatively beginner rock climbing to get to the valley floor.

Wed Aug 01 2018

If your willing to endure some incoviences you'll be rewarded with views that are like no other. The time to get there is long, you've gotta "dangle" the carrot in front of you the whole way as the dirt road is long and only gets worse as the miles roll on. Were not talking 5 miles of dirt road either...try 40 miles. BUT, once you get to one of the 3 locations to start your hike in, things get progressive better real quick! If you do water tower route which we did, it is a short but not very well marked trail into Gulch via a "ramp" or "giant slab" that you must scramble down. Bring climbing gear to rappel in...but chances are there will be a rope already hooked up. ***WARNING*** This is a very steep slab down and up and with gear on your back it is very dangerous to acend or decend safely with gear in place....if no gear is already hooked up, you better have some of your own. A fall here could be fatal. If there is a rope set, don't count on it when you come back out either. For people not afraid of heights, and have climbing experience this won't be an issue. Now, with the warning out of the way...please enjoy this fantastic and amazing hike or backpacking trip. If you come from either east or west entrance, the slab is not an issue and you can just hike all the way thru for many miles(15 plus). You will tho have to shuttle cars which can take even more time to get set up for the trail route. More info on others that have posted to see these routes so please see those links for details. The arch is accessed very quickly if you go water tank route, hence why we went way. We didn't have days to explore canyon, but in hindsight I wish we did.

7 months ago