Clarks Trail is a 3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Draper, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until November.

3.0 miles
731 feet
Out & Back



mountain biking

nature trips

trail running



wild flowers


no dogs

Draper City Parks & Trails 1020 E. Pioneer Rd. (12400 S.), Bottom Floor Draper City, UT 84020 801 576-6571

1 month ago

It’s ok. You will consistently be looking over your shoulder for bikers.

3 months ago

Hike was nice. Took my dogs because app said they were allowed yet sign just as I was getting on Clark’s trail said no dogs allowed. Picked trail because I was hoping for some shady spots along the way. Turned around and went on Bonneville trail. We walked over bridge and my guys got to play in the water a bit. It was a nice way to cool off on a hot day. There were a lot of bikers at trailhead but I didn’t run into anyone. Probably because of the route I took.

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Now, when you begin your hike up Clark's, you will be presented with a fork: to go up Clark's Trail, simply go left, take the bridge, and you'll be on your way. Clark's is a gentle, easy incline all throughout, with shade at regular enough intervals that you won't have to worry about sun exposure *too* much. In addition, the trail forbids mountain bikers from traveling DOWN it, so you needn't worry about dodging someone going ass over teakettle down the trail. (Although if you see them huffing up the 10% incline behind you, I'm sure they and their shins would thank you if you allowed them to pass).

Clark's is an uncomplicated trail. You'll be at the top of it in about 45 minutes, and it won't take too much out of you. You'll know you're at the top when you see the intersection between it and Ann's Trail. Then you can head back down. All-in-all, if you're in the Draper area and looking for something to do after work, Clark's is a fantastic choice, with some decent views of the valley.


If you, instead, forsake the bridge at the start of your journey and make a right, onto the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, you'll find yourself with some GREAT views of the valley, and a much more substantial hike. Follow the Bonneville Shoreline Trail until it intersects Ann's Trail by the Bike Repair Station and the Tunnel, turn left, and take Ann's Trail until it links up with Clark's and then take Clark's down. Taken together, you'll enjoy a ~4 mile circuit.

Or, hell, don't even take my advice. Corner Canyon is lousy with criss-crossing trails and sights, and they all spit you out in more or less the same place. You might find a few neat trails I totally missed! Just, uh, be sure to mind your sunscreen and be ready to dodge out of the way of the bikers. They may not be able to go down Clark', but anything else is fair game for them.

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