9.7 miles
4238 feet
Out & Back

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7 months ago

Love this trail.

Started from the trailhead near Cherry Peak Resort.

This hike had enough variance over the 5.4 miles that you don't feel like you are hiking the same thing for more than a mile. Expect to see Shady Wooded areas, Grassy Ridges, Rocky Passes, Mountain meadows, and butterflies, birds and squirrels along the way.

It got cold towards the top and in the ravine near the river. I would not be surprised to have seen snow a little later in the year here. There is a lot of sun exposure on this trail as well. So equally plan your layers for hot and cold protection. We hiked early morning and it was very nice weather but the sunrise glare was terrible - pack sunglasses. on the way down I was glad to have sunblock and a cooling bandanna.

This trail has a few good rest spots but the last mile they are scarce and the trail gets thin.

Also expect to run into horses and horse poop. On the flip side this trail is dog friendly.

There are a lot of patches of loose rock on the trail and really steep switchbacks and saddles. I would recommend very good hiking shoes with good grip and if you have weak ankles or knees some trekking poles/stick. also clip your toenails, the down grade is steep.

I'd plan first aid around trail slips, twisted/rolled ankles, and falling on loose rock.

Parts of the river were dry in late August Early Sept. If you bring a water filter and are relying on it - check on the water runoff or bring backup. Also bring purification because of animals and farm area.