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5075 feet
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scenic driving
3 months ago

paved from Boulder to Capitol Reef, then dirt - if you get onto the dirt and it's icy in winter and you don't have chains then you're pretty much committed to going down the switchbacks and taking Bullfrog/Notem back north which happened to me once and is kinda terrifying with icy switchbacks - if you turn south at the base of the switchbacks the road gets much worse outside of Capitol Reef, then is paved within Glen Canyon (bizarrely, as it's suddenly paved in the middle of NOWHERE, BUT if there have been floods recently at Bullfrog Crossing you may not be able to make it across w/o 4WD (also happened to me, different time) so you'll have to backtrack towards Torrey, so be sure to FILL YOUR TANK in Boulder before setting out !!!