3.9 miles
905 feet
Point to Point

kid friendly



nature trips





no dogs

4 months ago

this is the absolute best trail in the park when the shuttle is running, as you shuttle out to the highest point in the Main Amphitheater then walk back to your car, which allows you to A. walk down the very scenic trail from the highest point in the Main Amphitheater w/o having to walk back up that very steep hill, B. see the more scenic halves of both the Peek-A-Boo and Queens Garden loops without having to do all of both loops, C. gets you back to your car so you can then finish your day with by taking the Scenic Drive to Rainbow Point, then back, stopping at Natural Bridge on the way - DIRECTIONS: park your vehicle in Shuttle Parking (outside the park) or Overflow Parking (by the Visitor Center), take the free Park Shuttle which runs every fifteen minutes in season to Bryce Point, first enjoy the view from the point, return towards the parking lot but hang a left down the stairs near the lot, take the trail down staying to the left (right goes to Hat Shop), enjoy the switchbacking trail down (best views in park), take a left at the T-shaped intersection near the horse corral which places you on the prettier west half of the Peek-A-Boo Loop, follow that trail towards the connecting trail to Queens Garden (two lefts close together, when Peek-A-Boo ends you should be headed back towards the canyon wall not into the forest), at the four way intersection near the bench and medallion examine the signs to locate the Queens Garden Trail (not Wall Street or Navajo), go down Queens Garden, take the short spur to see Queen Victoria, and back, follow Queens Garden out - the hike ends with ice cream at the General Store near the Sunrise Point parking lot, then take the free Park Shuttle or just walk the 0.7 miles back to your vehicle down the Multiuse Path if you left the vehicle in Overflow Parking - finally head south in your vehicle on the Scenic Drive to see Yovimpa Point, Bristlecone Trail, Rainbow Point, then Natural Bridge on the way back for a solid six hour day of the best Bryce has to offer