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Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Drive [CLOSED]

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Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Drive is a 20.5 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Tropic, Utah that offers scenic views and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for scenic driving and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 20.5 miles Elevation Gain: 2,444 feet Route Type: Point to Point

kid friendly

scenic driving



no dogs

This trail is experiencing full or partial closure due to COVID-19. Please see the open trails nearby for alternate hiking options. Bryce Canyon NP Scenic drive is 18 miles along hwy. 63 from 12 hwy until it ends at the south end of hwy 63 in Bryce Canyon NP. Many of the park's highlights can be seen by the numerous overlooks. Hwy 63 drops south from Hwy 12 and runs through the main part of the park, past the visitor center, the campgrounds and all of the park's scenic overlooks. Major Points along Hwy 63 (Swamp Canyon Trailhead,Farview Point, Aquarius Plateau , the Kaiparowits Plateau , Molly's Nipple , Natural Bridge, Agua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon, Rainbow Point and Yovimpa Point.

14 days ago

This is the way to see it all. It is the best way to experience Bryce Canyon if you have limited time. As a suggestion, upon entering the park, drive the 18 miles to Rainbow point at the end of the scenic drive. Enjoy the trails here before working your way back towards the park entrance. There are numerous pullouts with overlooks just a short walk from your vehicle. On the scenic drive return trip, don't miss the turnout drive for Paria View, Bryce Point ( best view in the park) and Inspiration Point before returning to the main scenic drive with stops at Sunset Point, and Sunrise Point before exiting the park. You will not be disappointed in these stunning views!!!

scenic driving
2 months ago

Gorgeous intro to the park. Good chance to scout where to stop on the way out for photo ops and check trail conditions for tomorrow.

scenic driving
2 months ago

recorded Bryce Canyon NP Scenic Drive

scenic driving
4 months ago

Bryce Canyon NP was amazing! Didn’t have proper footwear for hiking (icy and snowy) but driving around the park was awesome. Definitely coming back soon and seeing some of these trails

scenic driving
6 months ago

Great views. Lots of great color with the snow.

scenic driving
8 months ago

Did not have time for a lot of hiking, but this was a great way to see the park on a time constraint. Amazing Views! Plenty of bathrooms at some of the lookouts as well.

10 months ago

Nice drives with beautiful views. Paved to most lookout points, bathroom accessible. Great for the whole family

10 months ago

The drive is nice. There are a lot of scenic outlooks. I didn’t go on any trails. Dogs can only walk on the pavement and the sunrise and sunset areas.

scenic driving
11 months ago

A nice drive down Bryce Canyon. Went down to the natural bridge. Beautiful view at the bridge. Saw mule deer on the way back down.

11 months ago

Be sure to stop at inspiration point for a fantastic view.

scenic driving
Mon Nov 05 2018

It was a lovely drive with lots of viewpoints. I did every other viewpoint driving toward Rainbow Point and then the rest driving back so I wouldn’t be stopping at every single one and so I had something to do on the way back.

Sat Sep 22 2018

a must do and many great stops to view the various canyon types and vistas.

scenic driving
Sat May 26 2018

This was an amazing drive with our kids! We went to probably 8 view points, did a few hikes, and had a wonderful time! Tomorrow we will go and hike close to the visitors center area.

Mon May 07 2018

scenic driving
Sat May 05 2018

Just gorgeous! Make sure to stop at the lookout points. My favs were the natural bridge and rainbow point. Lots of wildlife too!

Wed Apr 11 2018

It's a beautiful drive, after hiking Angels Landings in Zion and other trails , I needed a break.Thought I need my hiking legs again but just a short walk to the lookout points through the drive, It was amazing.

scenic driving
Fri Feb 16 2018

If the weather doesn't suit hiking or you are not much of a hiker, it is possible to see a lot of the park and view points either from your car, or short, pretty flat walks of less than a mile. See video:

scenic driving
Wed Jan 10 2018

Unique park! Interesting rock formations and neat viewpoints.

Thu Nov 30 2017

a nice way to round out the day after hiking in the Bryce Main Amphitheater - at a minimum drive all the way out to the Rainbow Point Parking lot, park, enjoy Yovimpa Point, walk the easy one-mile Bristlecone Loop, enjoy Rainbow Point, then drive to the Natural Bridge viewpoint, stopping while driving Northbound to enjoy whatever other viewpoints (and there are many) catch your attention on the way back towards the Park Exit

scenic driving
Wed Oct 25 2017

We had come from Zion the day before and were told Bryce doesn't compare yet the freedom to drive to every lookout point was something you can't get at Zion. We weren't interested in "really" hiking and just did Navajo Loop and a couple others. Driving all the way back to Rainbow point was very cool. The views are amazing and the freedom to choose makes all the difference. Also- we found out after that if you pay for a year pass it will admit you to every National Park in America for a low $60. We ended up our trip at Grand Canyon, AZ., and the ranger at the entry station hooked us up by showing our receipts for both Bryce and Zion. Now we have a year pass to enjoy any park we choose.

scenic driving
Thu Jul 06 2017

We drove in around 6pm and stopped by the visitor center to plan our hikes for the next day. We then drove to Rainbow and Yovimpa Point and stopped many times along the way (Piracy Point, Fairview Point and Natural Bridge) we stopped before Rainbow and hiked a 1/4 mile to the tip of a giant point (be careful with the wind) then trekked the 1 mile Bristlecone trail. We fit a lot into 2 hours but the drive down to Bryce Point during sunset was worth it! All in all, a very nice and relaxing drive!

Wed Sep 28 2016

Gorgeous. Easy stops to take pictures.

scenic driving
Fri Sep 23 2016

Everywhere you drive in this area is awesome...

Wed Sep 14 2016

Beautiful drive. Colors are spectacular.

scenic driving
Sun Jun 28 2015

Great Place to visit. Lots of formation and lots of red.

scenic driving
Tue Jan 06 2015

We did the drive on a cold December day after hiking Fairyland loop. It was 22 degrees when we started the hike and we saw absolutely no other hikers on the trail that day. Can't imagine why. So, getting back to the car and cranking up the heater was a treat, and we decided to see as much of the rest of the park as possible by car that day. Fortunately the roads were clear and dry and the views spectacular. Get out on a couple of trails too if you can. You won't be disappointed.

scenic driving
Sat Jun 21 2014

Pretty drive through Bryce Canyon National Park. Many beautiful sites that are just off the road.

Mon Apr 07 2014

Beautiful! Good amount of snow for kids to play in and no one was there since we went in the off season!! My kids loved it!!

scenic driving
Sat Feb 15 2014

Amazing drive.

Tue Nov 05 2013

This was an awesome drive. I enjoyed the SNOW all along the road and lining the mountains. The contrast of the snow against the Red Rock was unbelieveable.Beautiful day. I felt blessed like I had this window of opportunity to witness this gorgeous scenery before the snows come and they close this awesome road!!

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