6.5 miles
1,627 feet
Out & Back



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wild flowers


no dogs

19 days ago

This is a great, straightforward hike that is surprisingly under-utilized considering how accessible it is to Salt Lake City. The trailhead is at Big Mountain Pass, right off of UT-65 through East Canyon. As mentioned below, you want the trail that goes around the gate, up the gravel by the radio tower. The trail is easy to follow and in pretty good shape, except maybe for a little bit of foliage overgrowth towards the end. It takes you through groves of evergreens, aspens, meadows and at the very end, a bare summit with panoramic views. The wildflowers are sadly pretty much gone right now. Unlike the more popular hikes in the Cottonwood Canyons, this one is not high enough to provide much relief from this summer's heat. I went at first light and caught a beautiful sunrise over the mountains in the distance. Although the final summit is only 500 ft higher than the starting point, the AllTrails app gave me 1600 ft of elevation gain on this hike, due to the ups and downs along the way. All in all, it is a pretty easy stroll, which I clocked at 6.8 miles RT. Per the map, there is a little side trail right near the start to something called Big Mountain South, which I need to check out next time.