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1 month ago

This is one of our favorites in the Red Canyon area. It's a hidden gem and you would be lucky if you see more than one or two other groups of people. We have hiked it twice and were alone the one time and only saw a couple the other. The views are spectacular and not unlike Bryce, but without the crowds. You will need a high clearance vehicle to get there, but the road is easy ... we always ride our side by side back into the trail head parking area (takes maybe 10 minutes to drive in on dirt road). The parking area is nice enough and is also the same area you use to hike Loose canyon. There is a restroom at the parking lot, but it's not very well maintained. There are specatular views, so make sure to take some pics. Lots of arches and it's a fairly easy hike. We go counter clock wise, but I guess you could do it either way it doesn't matter. You can spend as long as you want on the hike, but with the views, you will be there a good hour. The actual trailhead has been washed out by a flash flood, so you will need to hike up into Loose canyon (past the animal unloading gate) about 50 yards until you find a way across the dry creek bed. Straight across the creek bed from the animal unloading coral is were the actual trail starts, but it's hard to see from the parking lot. You will see a small sign over there and the actual trail once you cross. It may be difficult to find if you haven't done it before.