Adam's Cabin Trail

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Adam's Cabin Trail is a 5.7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Layton, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

5.7 miles
3044 feet
Out & Back

dog friendly




wild flowers


over grown


Hike and a cabin for the Night Just a few miles East of Fernwood park you will find an old Stone cabin This cabin is on National Forest land and is available for public use. The cabin is popular during hunting season and gets occasional use during the summer months. The hike to the cabin is about 2600 feet vertical in about 2.6 miles. The trail is steep and rough. To get to the cabin start at N 41 degrees 05.279' and W 111 degrees 53.873' where you will cross the stream and follow a very well used trail. You should be overlooking the valley soon from this point. Continue to follow this trail which will soon turn due east and become very steep as it heads up the mountain ridge. At 6300 feet you will be in oaks. Continue to the fork which will lead you to an old abandoned cabin with a dirt floor, sheet metal roof and stone walls, elevation 7650 ft. So whether you need a good day hike or want to spend a quite night in the mountains you will find a refuge here in the cabin.

15 days ago

deep snow made it very difficult for this 74 year old man.

1 month ago

Fun hike awesome views. Dislike the sandy trailhead at the beginning

3 months ago

Amazing hike! this cabin is well made and had some supplies in it. I would love to do it again :)

4 months ago

very nice views

6 months ago

Nothing like a great hike to help you realize how woefully out of shape you are. The first .5 mile is not bad at all. Simple, sandy switchbacks. Then you come to the fork with the Bonneville Shoreline trail, Adams Canyon trail, and the Adams Cabin trail. The trail is obvious for the BST and the Canyon trail but I had to look for the Cabin trail. The AllTrails map helped a lot to find it. Turns out the washed out trail going straight up the hill was it. And it was steep. No switchbacks, just straight up. Like Frodo climbing mt. Doom. It is pretty exposed. I left at 6:30 so the sun hadn't come over the mountains yet. You get in to some scrub oak sections which were pretty cool and covered. The last .5 mile is pretty bushwacky. Lots of overgrowth covering the trail but I never lost it. Scratched my legs up pretty good but whatever. But again, mostly just straight up. The Cabin was kind of cool. The sun peeked over the top of the mountain right as I got to it so got some cool pictures. Jogged/Shuffled most of the way down. Pretty sketchy in some spots but not terrible. Out of the 40+ cars at the trail head, I did not see a single person on the Cabin trail. Everyone does the Canyon trail but I enjoy the alone time. I did the whole thing in 2:30:30. About an 1.5 hrs to the Cabin and an 1 hr down. Strava clocked 5.9 miles and 3000ft elevation gain. I took 3 liters of water, drank one on the way up, downed one at the cabin and drank the last when I got to my car. The views are pretty incredible of the valley and the canyons on either side.

6 months ago

Fun trail but definitely not the easiest to navigate your way through, at least when I did it. Lots of cool views! Definitely not a beginners hike.

6 months ago

Be very very careful there are A LOT of rattlesnakes on this trail right now. We seen 15+ snakes just recently. Awesome trail though if your looking for a good workout. lol

7 months ago

I hiked this trail on June 3rd 2017
This is the steepest trail I have ever hiked and the most Beautiful. No one was on this trail .. it's very slippery going down the trail I fell several times .
Cleated hiking shoes is a must or slip on your snow spikes for the trek back down .. stunning views .. lizards every where .. pretty flowers .. take tons of water .. great work out !!
By far my favorite trail .
I'm 55 in good shape !! Not a beginners trail

9 months ago

Great hike. It was not a casual hike. We did have to traverse snow for about a 100 yards at the top. The cabin was accessible even though it was still drifted. Legs felt like rubber when we got back. Can't wait to do it again.

9 months ago

Didn't make it to the cabin due to snow drifts at 7291'. There was a group that was coming down from spending the night at the cabin and they told us the trail for the last 0.5 mile was at least a foot of snow. At the rate, we were moving it was going to take us an hour without trekking poles and not everyone had winter boots. Our group watched the weather move in right as we were getting to the first large rock outcropping and visibility disappeared and we were in the clouds with a steady snowfall coming down on us. The hardest part of the whole trail is the fork off of the Adam's Canyon Trail that goes up the ridge. Once you get thru this section, it levels off to a reasonable gradient. Wished we could have seen the valley from where we were and will have to try again in the future.

10 months ago

We got to the upper part of this trail by climbing up from Adams Falls hoping to see the cabin but didn't get high enough. Still the view of Great Salt Lake and the snow capped mountains to the west was amazing. Good easy to follow trail. The trail descends quite quickly so it must be quite a climb

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Has anyone seen elk up there and can you hunt up that way

Friday, October 07, 2016

This trail was harder than anticipated, felt it in my legs for days following, but worth it! Beautiful views, cool little cabin and a great workout! Thick brush towards the top makes it easy to lose sight of who you're with and the trail! Good idea to keep tracking Device the first time for this reason.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Woo Hoo!! What an amazing workout!! I love reading the complaints about hard hikes.. You DID read its hard right?

What a great hike though! Follow this map on this app to find the trailhead its not marked but this map took us straight to it. most of the trail is easy to follow last 1/4 mile is a little overgrown, so if you have sissy girly legs, wear pants. Once you get to the cabin beware of the bear and please clean up your garbage.

Nope we didn't see anyone else the whole time, which was great and the way we prefer it! We did run out of water and it is almost in the sun the whole way.. we had about 75 oz water each and should have packed more. If you leave earlier in the morning you should be fine, we got a later start around 11 at the end of august.

Would do again, just not right away, Im very tired lol.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Steep rough trek up the ridge. Mostly up on the way to the cabin. Takes me about 4 hours.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Difficult!!! And overgrown. My legs got all scratched up and never saw another person on the trail. Hard to get correct trail. At the top of switchbacks go up the ominous huge hill that doesn't look like a trail. One of my least favorite hikes.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Since no one else has said it yet, I will; this trail is BRUTAL. I don't much care for steeper trails, and this one averages out at over 1200 ft. per mile.
But of course, I was curious to see the cabin and its surrounding scenery, so I ventured out on it anyway. While I will say it was worth the effort once reaching the top, I will not be attempting this trail again anytime soon. The descent back down alone was almost more difficult than the actual climb itself because it was so steep, and there is loose gravel virtually everywhere. Very difficult to get a solid footing. While I may not be the most avid hiker out there, I do enjoy a good challenge once in a while.... this one definitely put me to the test both physically, and mentally. If you're considering attempting this trail and it's your first time, make sure you give yourself PLENTY of time to complete it from start to finish (considering you're not planning to camp overnight at the top). It took me 6.5 hrs, 4 being the total amount to get to the top. Even on a cooler day, the sun will beat down on you and take quite a bit of your energy, so stop for shade and breaks as often as you need, and take PLENTY of water (I thought three 24oz. bottles and 2 protein bars was enough... I should have packed at least 1 more of each). Also, the cabin itself, although cool-looking, was actually pretty creepy once inside lol... I personally would not sleep in it. But there is a very nice opening about 50-60 yrds. up from it that's perfect for pitching a tent (you reach it right before descending to the cabin). The view of the mountains opposite from you are absolutely gorgeous! And so much easier to view from the camp spot because there are far less trees blocking the view. Overall, probably a much more enjoyable experience for the die-hard hiker. However, if you're like me, then it's probably only worth a once in a lifetime haul. That being said, you should definitely make sure you are well prepared for it either way. Have fun!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Had a blast and enjoyed the burn.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

This hike is pretty unforgiving during hot summer days. Early mornings or late afternoons are the only times I would suggest venturing out on this trail. Make sure to bring lots and lots of water!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

it was steep but wasn't that bad beautiful and the cabin looked cool

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