4.1 miles
639 feet

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wild flowers

1 month ago

I thought I would take this trail to see how my dog would do on the trail for the first time and being that it is close to my kids school I dropped them off and Courtney (dog) and I hit the trail. When pulling up to the trail head there are signs that remind you to hide your stuff and they have cameras on the parking lot which tells me they have a lot of people stealing stuff. When we started the trail there were no markings for this trail thought there might me some a little ways up and there were not. In the first mile of the trail I had to look at my phone 5 times to find out where the trail was. There are forks about ever 50 yards it seems like. So after about a mile we headed up to the Bonneville shoreline trail to head back. I would not call this a trail at best it a trail to get you to the other trails in the area. If you do want to try the trail I would say go up the Bonneville shore line trail first that way all you need to do on the way back is head north and you shouldn’t get lost.