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trail running
Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Did some trail running here. This "trail" is at a park with a whole system of trails. There's a swimming pool, a basketball court, a playground, and some (hard to find) picnic tables and horseshoes.

But as for the trails:
These trails are very, very rocky and rooty (tree roots). Right now in the Spring, there's lots of foliage creeping into the trail to contend with. The trails have some ups and downs, a few places to even "scrmble" up. There are a few inclines, and one particular hill is rather long, very rocky, a very good workout. These trails, with no signage, keep you on your toes.

But with little rain recently, the creek was all dry, and I think it'll take a lot of rain to get some good flow. Also, as noted above, the trails are not marked at all. This isn't necessarily bad, as the park is small, but just hiking you could get turned around and feel exasperated, not knowing which way to turn in this tangle o trails. Sometimes, too, the trail is hard to spot. And as for trail running, I ran on these trails, hit each one at least twice trying to make sure to hit them all and sorta get my bearings, but only ran for about 45 minutes.

All in all, if this park a) had a little more signage, b) some trails more maintained, c) had a better creek (of course we can't blame mother nature for doing it's thing) and d) more miles of trails, it'd be totally awesome. You get a lot- very rocky trails, good hill climbs, some exploring- but in a little space.