Valburn Switchback Party

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Valburn Switchback Party is a 1.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Austin, Texas that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.1 miles
203 feet

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trail running
7 months ago

As usual, got a good workout and discovered new trails, new ways to run around and have fun. These Valburn trails, along with the Bull Creek trails, make for almost endless exploration and varying terrain.

It was a little muddy but nothing bad. I do wished people would stop taking down/moving rocks, logs, tree branches purposely put in between the trails. They’re there for trail maintenance.

trail running
9 months ago

Am I the only one who likes these trails? lol, anyway.

Ran some of this Monday morning before much traffic. Eventually saw some other people (on the other Valburn trails), two on bikes, then a group of hikers and their dog. I wanted some hill climbing, and these Valburn trails are very good for this.
Well Today, I wanted to actually get the full switchback experience. I got it alright. First I took the main trail too far east, climbing more than a quarter mile. Hey, I wanted those hills! Then when I got to the three-way intersection, I took the wrong route (northwest) and headed back to the bottom of the hill, and then ended up running the switchbacks themselves backwards up the hill. Not bad at all!

When running these switchbacks, if you follow the marked trail here at Alltrails, you get to a 3-way intersection with two skinny trees, just before the switchback-mania happens- take the rightish trail. Or, from whatever direction you're coming, you want to take the south trail at the three-way-two-skinny-trees intersection, to continue on the switchback trail. The switchback trail starts behind the single building, and first you climb a pretty strightforward trail, somewhat rocky and rooty and steep. You'll hit a few switchbacks, but only after the three-way intersection does it really start. The trail gets very, very rocky, rather skinny in places, the trails get very close, less shade, some rocks you gotta make some high step ups, etc. You'll eventually notice, after about 8 to 10 switchbacks, you get into some good forest, and eventually the trail turns abruptly into a single dirt track. Instead of following the map on All trails, I like to keep running west and hit a few more switchbacks on the single-dirt track, which eventually leads to all the buildings south of the single building at the start of the trail. From there, you can go south/southwest and hit the other Valvburn trails, or you can go through the parking lot and run to road back to your car (assuming you parked at the northern building).

Either way, if you want a rocky, twisty hike/run, this is good for you!

trail running
10 months ago

This is a part of the Valburn trail system, which I left reviews for the North and South loops already. I'd suggest looking at them for more detail. But this particular part of the trail system is unique for it's switchbacks, as the title states (and I already stated below).

Again, please, don't cut across the switchback. And in fact, when you see two switchbacks coming way too close so as to be one trail, or you see someone has made a "short cut", put some brush, some stick and rocks, to keep the trail maintained.

mountain biking
11 months ago

Nice trail, rocky but fun going around the switch back section.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ran here again lately. Very good place for running. You get a mixture of dirt trails, pebble trails, rocky/rooty trails. And plenty of hill climbing. Want some creek crossings? Just head to the nearby Bull Creek Greenbelt.

This specific trail also has a VERY steep hill climb. In the middle of all those switchbacks, there is an incline-trail. You're hiking and running and walking and you're getting tired, more and more switchbacks, you need to get home soon- that incline-trail is good for that. But also, it's a GREAT workout. Huge step ups, very long, very steep.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This is attached to the "Valburn north loop" trail. This trail has almost everything: roots and rocks and trees and shrubs; wide trails and skinny trails; up hills and down hills. But there's no creeks crossing, no lakes, ponds, etc.

But the impressive thing about this trail is in the title. The switchbacks are way cool. Need to practice turning on trail, this is your place. You'll get a great workout if you start out going west rather then south. Up that hill, across all those switchbacks: it's a doozy and a half.

Soapbox: Please stay on the trails, don't cut across the switchbacks; do put rocks and branches where you've seen other cut across the switchback, to preserve the switchbacks. They make trails awesome. OK, soapbox over, Thx for listening :)

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