South Rim Trail - Boot Springs Trail

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South Rim Trail - Boot Springs Trail is a 11.9 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Terlingua, Texas that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, camping, birding, and backpacking and is accessible year-round.

11.9 miles
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wild flowers



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Really tough hike for me, but well worth it! A picture can’t do justice to the views. Recommend staying in SE 4 campsite.

3 days ago

Loved every minute of it! I camped at SE1 and to say I was a happy camper is putting it lightly! The views were incredible. A saw enough people, but had plenty of alone time as well. It was perfect.

4 days ago

Awesome views and very challenging! Loved every minute! My new favorite trail. Going down just a scenic.

trail running
13 days ago

Ran it in 2:20 excluding ~20 minutes of picture taking. Nice trail with a variety of scenery & terrain. Really loved the Boot Canyon. The view is a big payoff

14 days ago

A tough hike with outstanding views lots of snow on the mountains which was refreshing to see. Took almost 6 hours to do 12 miles, stopped for snacks and views of amazing landscape a couple of times. Would highly recommend comfortable boots that you have trust in. Loved the Hike and the park.

14 days ago

Great views, campsites.

17 days ago

By far the best hike I’ve ever done. Rewarding, and challenging.

20 days ago

Beautiful views, enjoyed every bit of it!

21 days ago

My GF and I did this in Mid-October. Great sunny and mild temperatures. We camped as well. Tbh, I had never been to Big Bend, and totally overshot my expectations- I had no idea there could be so much lush beautiful in Texas!

Camping sucked- not a big deal, it happens. I saw some baby bears, and decided to camp in the more populated camping areas, where there were some loud teenagers.

The hike itself was great. Not very trekked, so traffic was light. The switchbacks going up and down for 1.5miles each way is def a Quad killer. The views at the top are amazing and worth it! You’ll feel the reward. Bring a hammock and take it all in at the top when you get there!

That said- I felt every bit of the 12.5 miles the next day.
Would def do it again. Would def also get permits and camp that trail. It’s a beautiful hike. A lot of water options. A lot of wildlife too. This is a very desolate hike- meaning hard to get to if you were to need help or bailout, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Ps. I have more pictures and info on this and my other BackCountry hiking explorations on my IG- Colewurlddd

22 days ago

Great hike, but strenuous!

22 days ago

Added the North Rim Loop to this loop, great long day hike.

1 month ago

This is a solid hike. Went up Pinnacles and looped around clockwise. 5 hours hiking plus a 20 minute break at South Rim two days after snowfall. Pretty majestic views up the Pinnacles and, of course, at the rim. One of my top two hikes (so far).

1 month ago

Completed this trail on 11/20/2017. We parked at the amphitheater, hiked Pinnacles Trail to Boot Canyon then took the NE Rim Trail around to the SW-4 campsite. The campsite was amazing, about 100 feet or so to the rim with amazing east facing views. The next morning we hiked around the South Rim Trial with many stops along the way to check out the views. We continued around the Laguna Meadows Trail back to the Amphitheater. Total round trip was about 14 miles.

2 months ago

Tough strenuous but breathtaking

2 months ago

This is absolutely gorgeous trail and offers so many breathtaking views of the south side of the park. Surreal at sunrise and moon rise. WOW!!!!

2 months ago

My brother and i hiked this on the 8th of November and spent the night on the southeast rim! Absolutely incredible view from near our campsite.

We hiked clockwise and did the entire rim, emory Peak, and had planned on going back up Laguna meadows but due to some other advice we ended up going back Colima to pinnacles. We got a lot of fog throughout in the beginning. It seemed to clear off by the afternoon. But it did cloud our view on emory Peak and most of the first half of the hike. One of the reasons we went back on pinnacles to get the full experience.

We packed 2 gallons of water a piece and it was a very good amount for hydration and the luxury of coffee while watching the sunset on the rim. We took 2 days. Started at 9 the first day and got to camp around 4. The second day we also started at 9 and got back to the basin around 2. We clocked 17.8 mi total the route we went.

Incredible hike with some difficult sections if you are carrying water and overnight gear but completely worth it!! I would absolutely recommend taking the extra mileage to travel the full rim trail!

2 months ago

we did this hike on Nov 4, 2017. we did the trail clockwise (via pinnacles trail) per recommendations and glad we did. I tracked the hike and it's about 12.7 mile loop. the hike wasn't too difficult. we started at 12:15pm and completed the hike at 6:20pm, with a few quick breaks and 10 min lunch. the view at the top made this hike worthwhile. glad I got to check this one off my big bend hiking list.

3 months ago

What a wonderful hike! I would consider this a must if you are in Big Bend. The park ranger said The Lost Mine Trail was the most popular, but I enjoyed this one more.

When you start the hike you have the option of going up Pinnacles (clockwise) or Laguna Meadow (counter). We went up Pinnacles, which I would recommend. Hiking up Laguna will put a lot of the views to your back. I also agree with some previous reviews that Laguna is the "boring" part, so if you just did an out and back up the Pinnacles, you wouldn't be missing too much.

The views are incredible from the top. Far exceeded my expectations. Could have spent all day looking out over the rim. The views make this the best hike in the park, IMO.

Also, saw my first bear! I've always been afraid of a bear encounter, because you only really hear the horror stories on the news. But this bear saw me before I saw him, and he hightailed it up the mountain before I could even blink. There has never been a bear attack in Big Bend, so even though these big creatures are super scary in person, as long as you don't agitate or threaten them, they really do want nothing to do with you.

We didn't see any mountain lions, but we did see a tarantula, which was cool. Not as scary in person, as these are pretty docile critters.

Lastly, this wasn't a busy hike- we only saw 6 other people the 11+ miles we were in the trail. It was pretty cool to have the trail to ourselves, especially at the top.

4 months ago

Great views even on a cloudy day. Hiked out via Pinnacles Trail (clockwise), adding Emory Peak spur and then continuing on toward the South Rim via Boot Canyon. I did not see photos prior to the hike, so it was an added thrill when the rim came out of nowhere after hiking through a meadow. Also thrilling: watching thunderstorms develop over the desert, and racing them back to Chisos Basin. 19.8 miles for the whole route, according to my phone, in about 8 hours.

5 months ago

This is a difficult hike, but it's worth every mile! Not only are the views from the rim breathtaking, but you'll also experience a variety of other beautiful landscapes along the way. There were still a lot of clouds at the rim when we arrive around 11:00 am, but thankfully, the sun burned them off pretty quickly after waiting around for a bit to try and get a better peak over the edge.

We saw a couple of bears about 3-4 miles in, but never any mountain lions.

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