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5 months ago

There is the walk across Canyon Dam, which (according to the signs on the Dam) is .8 miles each way. You feel as if you are on top of the world with the lake on one side and the valley on the other. The road atop the Dam is straight and paved with plenty of room for bicyclers, joggers, speed-walkers, and wanderers. But there is more than this. Park in the back parking lot and you can access the meadows, the newly mulched trail that leads to the Dam, and the trail that works its way through the forest hills above the shoreline. There are many ways down through the forest to the shoreline. Keep to the shoreline as you go away from the Dam and you will find yourself in an 'undiscovered country' of boulders, cliffs, and in Spring through Fall, Poison Ivy nestled in just where it is most inconvenient for you. Most who get this far are there to swim or fish; thus, if you are there to boulder or climb, you will be in rare company. Personally, I keep to the easier cliffs, but several---especially a formation I have dubbed 'The Great Mo'---would be worth the while of more seasoned climbers. As for the bouldering, this land of stone offers you many paths depending on how hard you want to be on yourself. You can even execute tricky maneuvers where a slip would land you in the lake if you really want to jazz things up. The views of the lake from here are iconic. And if you happen to come on a windy day, as you face the heavy waves that smash against the boulders, the power of the lake becomes yours. Who could say 'no' to this?