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2 months ago

Parking is easy to spot, on the north-west side of the road, just north of the bridge. There are no restrooms, benches, water fountains, etc but there is a garbage can which, well, is usually very full and thus not collecting all the trash. But as for the trail itself-

Immediately you climb lots of feet- really steep, high steps, slick rocks, loose rocks to slip on, etc. But this somewhat treacherous climb must be worth it, because lots and lots of people come here everyday. You'll see people in wedding dresses, formal attire, graduation gowns, etc. with photographers in tow, some with rather expensive looking equipment, because the view is spectacular.

But then you hit the fence. After the climb, you see the view. After the view, go west and you'll shortly come to a fence that's cut. Well, supposedly, it's not private property, you're not trespassing, etc. when you go through this fence. There are signs elsewhere saying "no trespassing" but here, well, I guess the gate people didn't want to climb or something. After the gate, the trail goes for a ways. Plenty of scenic views; some trails to the north that go into the forest, but quickly hit the no trespassing fence; and plenty of trails to the south but, of course, they're on the edge of the cliff overlooking the river, so they're rather precarious. Looking for some scrambling or some danger? Try and hike/climb down to the river without sliding. Have kids, or just want a nice hike? Stay on the main trail, and all should be well until about the last quarter mile, where it gets a bit "woods", the trail is a little hard to see, but the loop at the end is short and you're headed back to the bridge.