7.8 miles
1755 feet
Out & Back







wild flowers


no dogs

2 months ago

We took the LMT to get to our camp site SW4. To us and some of the Park Rangers it seemed to be more fitting to get to the South Rim than the other routes. It was a slow incline but def still an incline. We took plenty of breaks as well. We had our packs for overnight and two days of water, so the weight added to the experience. Most of the trail was in the shade which made it much more enjoyable and less stressful to our bodies. We had done Lost Mine Trail two days prior and got torn up by the sun, it made the trail more miserable than it should’ve been. Neither of us trained, I’m in good shape but it didn’t matter on the trail! Well it didn’t seem like it did. The LMT was about 4.8 miles not the 8 like it says. After the 4.8 we crossed over to the South Rim trail for 2.5 to our destination for the most AMAZING views I’ve ever seen. Like I said we had a whole day, so we took our time and rested as much as possible. It took us a total of 5 hours to get to the top. 9am-2pm. I would recommend this trail to anyone that has time. It can def be done! The way down was much faster totally three hours. We did use walking sticks which helped the accent and decent tremendously! We’ve backpacked before without any and it was much more miserable! Either way, we loved the trail and views! Happy hiking!