Hot Springs Canyon Trail

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Big Bend National Park

Hot Springs Canyon Trail is a 5.5 mile loop trail located near Big Bend National Park, Texas that features hot springs and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 5.5 miles Elevation Gain: 921 feet Route Type: Loop


nature trips


hot springs



wild flowers



washed out

no shade

no dogs

This is a great trail, going along the Rio grande river into the Hot Springs Historic District. The trail has great views and vegetation, some historic sites (Native American carvings!) near the end at hot springs.

1 month ago

There's a nice vantage spot for sunset overlooking the river. Completed January 2019

no shade
3 months ago

Nice, although longer, hike to the hot springs. Great views of the Rio Grande River along the way. Take this trail in the afternoon and enjoy beautiful red hues at sunset of the Sierra Del Carmen mountains to the East.

no shade
3 months ago

Awesome hike! Amazing views of the Rio Grande along the entire trail - around every corner it just got better!! There was even a donkey or a mule standing on the Mexico side drinking water. How funny! Recommend to start early as there is NO shade. On the way back, it was tough without the reprieve (hiked in Oct.2019 with my husband. We’re both early 30s and decent hiking shape). The historic hot springs area (end of trail) was not that great IMO. Cool to see, but there were several people in the springs when we got there and just... eh. Perhaps we will partake next time. Overall, fantastic moderate hike and definitely worth doing.

4 months ago

Fantastic hike out from the Rio Village store to the hot springs and the old health spa buildings. Nice to soak your feet at the springs.

bridge out
4 months ago

I love this trail despite the fact that there’s no shade on the way and the hot spring was not amusing in my opinion. However, I enjoyed the view along the hike. It started out with beautiful moutain view then you can see an overlook of beautiful Rio Grande river. Highly recommend for a sunny 60F day.

6 months ago

to springs

9 months ago

When they say “no shade” - they mean it. I waited to long into the morning to get started (just after 11am) and it was tough on the way back. Beautiful scenery, a challenge for my old bones.

Thu May 30 2019

easy uneventful Walk

Thu Apr 25 2019

We got up very early and hiked to hot springs and back and loved it. It was very hot and fortunately we had and drank drank lots of water. Beautiful flowers on the cactus and great birding.

Wed Mar 20 2019

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is easy for this elderly woman but in my opinion is one of the best in the park. Lots of different ecosystems to see. We hiked from the rv campground to trailhead and added a bit to the trip, but it’s flat to get there for a 7 mile round trip. Don’t be confused with the drive in 1 mile trip. If you can only do one trail this is my choice

ohv/off road driving
Mon Feb 25 2019

Entrance to Hot Springs is a well maintained dirt road. About 1/3 of the way up there's a parking lot for RV's, Dual Trucks and other large vehicles. You need to heed the warning; the road following splits into two very narrow one way paths. Wear your swimsuits and enjoy the pool! Drove 3.3 miles, 13 minutes, speed 15 mph. Elevation change is a couple hundred feet.

Sun Feb 10 2019

Nice hike that goes along the river and you can enjoy the hot spring at the end

Fri Jan 04 2019

Very pretty with a fun reward of a swim! Nice place to meet fellow explorers.

Sat Dec 29 2018

This trail is.wonderful very low traffic, it's like you have the whole thing to yourself.

Sat Sep 01 2018

Take lots of water. Full sun exposure almost all the way and back. Views of aoudad sheep and rattle snakes. Hot springs at end of the trail. Great hike!

Sun May 20 2018

We made the hike mid-day in 110 degree weather, it is advised you make the hike early in the morning for you summer hikers. Trail ends at the Rio Grande Hot Springs (great muscle relaxer). Be sure to take a dip in the Rio Grande!

Sat May 05 2018

awesome trail to hike... bring lots of water, it gets hot

Thu Apr 05 2018

Starts at the hot springs and leads to rio grand “village” which is actually just a picnic area. Can also be done in reverse but we wanted to finish and take a dip in the hot spring which was a treat. Be sure to bring a lot of water! There is no shade on this trail whatsoever. Great views of the river and canyon and across the river to Mexico!

Mon Feb 19 2018

We stopped short of The Hot Springs to enjoy the Rio Grande on our own. Even in February it was warm. As with all trails in this region you need plenty of water. Take a day pack with river shoes and a swim suit.

Tue Jan 02 2018

Pack twice as much water as you think you'll need and reapply sunscreen every 45 minutes to an hour.

Tue Jun 13 2017

Great views of the Rio Grande. Moderate skill required.

Wed Mar 29 2017

Fri Mar 03 2017

There are some amazing views of the Rio Grande!

Sun Jan 03 2016

Nice views of the Rio Grande, and the hot spring felt great on this cool winter day.

Wed Oct 21 2015

Started from Daniels Ranch...great initial climb up limestone cliff. Switchbacks make it manageable. Tremendous views of the Chisos and the desert floor. Zero shade, but it was only in the low 80' manageable. Didn't get to the Hot Springs but will definitely finish the complete hike on my next trip to Big Bend

Thu Oct 16 2014

Great trail and probably one of the most go-to trails at BB. There are some historical buildings with info that you can see (when the hot springs was a therapeutic clinic). The hot springs come up from the Rio Grande and you can see Mexico on the other side of the river and sometimes some Mexicans fishing. Many just stop at the springs, but if you keep going there is an awesome trail that winds up a cliff that overlooks the springs. There are remnants of houses made from the slate rocks that are all over the place up there where supposedly the man that lived on the property lived originally. The story goes that he rigged up a bucket that drew hot water from the springs whenever he wanted. Over all, great history, great views, and warm springs.

Mon Jun 30 2014

Definitely bring water on this one. We did this one midday in 100+ degrees. It was awesome seeing the palm tree picnic area. As well as the historic buildings that are still there. The hot springs felt nice but would be so much better during cooler temperatures.

Tue Apr 22 2014

Carry plenty of water! I cannot stress that enough. We had to turn back after almost 2 hours due to running out of water. There is zero shade so it's best to start this hike just before sunrise. We happen to take a rest stop in the shade of some boulders after 2 hours. I wouldn't dare start this trail in the evening and get caught in the darkness. No cell phone service in this area so help is too far away. Make sure you let someone know where you are going.

Sun Mar 16 2014

A great trail with many nature photo opportunities. This is a very hot trail carry plenty of water for the return trip. There is no potable water at the Hot Springs. When I hiked this trail it was 90 degrees in the middle of March. You go over the mountain and along the canyons. A very nice hike.

Tue Mar 04 2014

you have to drive about 15 mins, one way narrow path (5-10mph) to get to this hidden hot spot... they have different trails.. the hot spring and yes they are hot like a Jacuzzi..I couldn't believe it. it's a nice hidden spot..with near by river..with Palm trees in the middle of the desert.

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