Emma Long Park Loop

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Emma Long Park Loop is a 4.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Austin, Texas that features a great forest setting and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

4.4 miles
354 feet


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no dogs

Signs are posted prohibiting pedestrians. This trail is first a motorcycle trail, then a mountain bike. You aren't supposed to be there on foot. Be careful if you hear a moto coming behind you, and get out of their way. This is a technical trail that is not good for inexperienced riders. Pay attention to the direction as it changes from time to time. No dogs allowed as they would be very unsafe here!

8 days ago

OMG! It is 6 miles of strenuous hiking. not 4.4. beautiful trail. couldn't even tell I was still in Texas:)

got to pay attention to where you're going otherwise you will go off course. excellent sightseeing, dog friendly and always shaded from the Sun. definitely requires hiking shoes if not well footage shoes and some water. well recommended for the more advanced nature Seeker.

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2 months ago

Super fun trail. Crank, crank, crank, lean back and huck! Pray for good luck.

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9 months ago

This is a tough trail but there's enough easier stuff that it's worth doing even if you have to walk a few technical features. The main source of difficulty are the limestone ledges, up and down. As well as the climbing.

Some things to note though...
#this trail is first a motorcycle trail, then a mountain bike. You aren't supposed to be there on foot. Sounds strange but that is how the park was formed and grandfathered. So be careful if you hear a moto coming behind you, scoot out of their way.

#the balcones canyons preserve people would love to shut this park down to save the Golden Cheeked warbler and black cap vireo and cutting new trial or going off the designated trail will give them the kind of ammunition that they need to do so.

So PLEASE stay on the trail and abstain from cutting branches or trees unless you're with an officially sanctioned volunteer work crew.

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10 months ago

This trail is decent. It's not challenging unless you go off trail which is extremely easy here. Go off trail here and you'll quickly find triple black diamond jungle stuff on private property. Don't go alone.

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Friday, June 24, 2016


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Saturday, April 16, 2016

WARNING, THIS TRAILS ARE NOT FOR WALKING! The AllTrails website and smartphone app says that this park is for walking, and it is not. The park has many signs with “no hiking, no dogs” on the trails…it would be too dangerous. Originally, since 1970 this park was for Motorcycles only, and by 1995 it was also open for Mountain Bikes. Not ATVs permitted. Motorcycles and MTB happily ride at the same time and same single track trails. This Park is one of the only two city owned public motorcycle parks in Texas. The trails are the most technical MTB public trail in the area. We, the locals are passionate about this park. On a motorcycle or MTB, please be nice and don’t cut new trails. Thank you! Tomas Pantin

Saturday, May 16, 2015

kickass trail especially if you like getting your butt whooped lol Be prepared mentally and physically, bring plenty of water and be careful when it just finished raining. went out there today and saw several people on dirt bikes and a group of guys on their mountain bike's , so I want alone out there. So if you are out there alone be careful and I urge to bring a helmet. It just rained so it was badass because water was cascading everywhere, needles to say that made things even more interesting and dangerous at the same time. Give dirt bikes the right away if you're on your bicycle, and yes u can hear them coming so you have plenty of time to steer clear. Once again, kick ass ride, kept me on my toes and almost flipped over twice which I'm not proud of lol

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This trail is one of the if not the most technical trail in the Austin area for mountain biking.

It is a motocross trail first and foremost so you have to yield to those guys. They are the people who maintain the trail and allow us mountain bikers use it so e courteous. We can hear them a long time before they see us.

The terrain is mostly dry and rocky with a few natural springs. If it hasn't rained in a long time, then there is likely to be a lot of dust so a bandanna may not be a bad idea. There are lots of drops and fast parts. It is a one way trail. I would suggest you go with someone who has ridden the trail previously before you venture off on your own. I guarantee you will have fun.

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