Brushy Creek Mountain Bike Loop Trail

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Brushy Creek Mountain Bike Loop Trail is a 7.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Cedar Park, Texas that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

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trail running
13 days ago

Decided to do the whole route this time. Started at the sports park and ran the regional trail until I got to deception, ran all of deception and finished by taking the regional trail back to my car. It should be noted that the normal entrance to deception is now blocked. I think there may be a new entrance a little further down the regional trail, but I haven’t tried it yet. I had to climb through some brush to get to the old entrance. Also, my GPS only recorded 6.9 miles so I’m not sure about the 7+ listed for the trail.

28 days ago

Loved this one

trail running
1 month ago

I like to start on the left side of the trail and finish with a road run where it dumps out at Dodge Cattle Dr. Trail is very difficult with a lot of switchbacks and quick elevation changes. Watch your step and keep an eye out for mountain bikers.

trail running
1 month ago

Some new updates-

The stuffed snake I mentioned in my last review is no longer there. In fact, almost none of the sill trinkets, toys- there was even a cow skull- are no longer there.

What is now there are various trail signs. Not very many, but at various forks there are signs, and at the one skinny wooden bridge (bridge? it's about 6 inches wide and five feet long, over a small water area) warning of the bridge. There's one sign with an arrow pointing straight, and looking to the right I noticed a trail- guess they don't want us using that one, I think it meets back up with the main trail almost immediately. There are also a few signs that say "EMS access". That's good- a biker, runner, hiker injures themselves, and there's some EMS access points to make rescue a little quicker and easier. And lastly, a few markers at forks showing either "trailhead" or another part of the trail. The markers do make it feel less intimidating to first time runners/hikers/bikers.

The end of the trail has a marker that simply says "END". Go north on the service road and you'll get to the Regional trail. Go south and you'll eventually get to the neighborhood. But towards the west there are more trail heads. I'm guessing these'll be marked soon, as there are already some signs on them, and they are used frequently.

The trail was mostly dry, saw one spot of water in some shade that was still icy (it's been cold down here, it was 35 degrees [fahrenheit] when I was running), but no mud anywhere. Saw another runner, some bikers, and some hikers. All in all, this trail is quiet possibly my favorite in the Austin area (I really like the Bull Creek&Valburn area, but as for a single trail this one is good).

And oh, the way you get the whole 7.2 is by parking over at the Brushy Creek Sports Park, running the Regional Trail to the trailhead, then the trail itself (Deception/Top Notch), then running the Regional Trail all the way back to your car. But the actual Deception/Top Notch trail by itself is about 5 1/2 miles.

trail running
3 months ago

Upon running again a few weeks ago, I thought of some "advice".

About a mile into the trail, you'll see a stuffed snake, or something like that. When you run a little further and you should see it again on your right. If you're like, "This is too much, not what I planned for!" this is a good place to turn around, before you've gone so far that turning around is pointless and you gotta go the next 3 or so miles.

Also, right around mile five, just after you hit the dirt up-down right next to the Brushy Creek regional trail: on your right you'll notice a bridge. This is also a place to get out. You don't have time for the next two or so miles, or you're getting tired, or whatever, just take a hard right towards the bridge, and then you're on the Brushy Creek Regional rail. This is also a good place to enter the trail. I'll often run the easy trail on the south side of the regional trail, and it goes under the bridge, then I hti Deception for the last two miles of harder trail.

4 months ago

Another fav for trail running! I don’t get a ton of elevation from it but super technical.

trail running
4 months ago

Ran again yesterday. As usual, it was awesome.

While the title here says "Mulligan and Deception", I discoverd yesterday that while Mulligan is a part of the Brushy Creek MTB trail system, it's a smaller section just to the east of the Deception trailhead. The map here doesn't even have the path marked for Mulligan, just Deception.

If you want to do Mulligan, park at the sports complex, and when you cross the very first bridge on the way to the Deception trailhead, take a left. There's a smallish, smooth rock in the grass right at the trailhead that has the word Mulligan painted on it. The rock is easy to miss amongst the tall grass, but the trailhead is easy to spot. Anyway, this trail is rather short, but it is still a good trail for biking and trail running. Lots of turns, switchbacks, tight spots, climbs, etc. It's like a mini Deception.

trail running
5 months ago

The closest parking is actually on the cul-de-sac at the end of Dodge Cattle Dr. Make it easier on yourself and park where the trail starts on the map here, at the sports complex. Half a mile's jog and a left into a grassy field get's you to the trail proper (the trail itself is the second actual right into the trees)

I do trail running. The first time I ran on this trail I was surprised. I must admit: this, for me, is the most physically challenging of any trail I've ran here in the greater Austin area (including Georgetown and even a rugged trail system up near Belton). Limited signage; no benches, rest rooms, doggy bag stations, water fountains; various marked and unmarked forks; the switchbacks seem to connect sometimes and the trail might disappear due to leaves and/or rock. This is NOT a trail for strollers and families! The only "easy" part about this trail is that there is a lot of shade.

OK, now for a very quick summary: three sections to the trail. The VERY beginning is mostly flat and dirt, but after the introduction:
1) A mixture of flats with dirt and small rocks, larger rocks with large ups&downs, a few minor climbs, and lost of twists and turns. This part is mostly smaller rocks to the feet, but you do have to climb onto a few rocks, go through a few tight spots.
2) This is the hardest part. The trail turns into almost exclusively stone under the feet. The hills aren't steep, but they're long. Lot's of hair pin turns, some spots are sheer (don't slip), more tight spots and large rock climbs. But mostly, it's all stone to the feet and the uphills that get you.
3) You'll FINALLY notice some wooded areas. Ahh, dirt under the feet. You're mostly outta the hard part, though a few rocky climbs are still to come. Some parts here are very BMX friendly, and very fun to run.

If you do finally make it to the "end", you'll discover there's no single trail back to the Brushy Creek Regional trail. Pick a larger trail, and you're sure to get there. Go down a skinny trail through the woods, and you'll find yourself back on Deception ("Deception" is the actual name of this trail), possibly running the thing again backwards!

For dirt biking, I think this trial is good, though I say this as a person who doesn't bike. But as one who runs, this trail is quiet possibly the best overall workout you'll get, the trail with the most varied terrain.

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