1.7 miles
82 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly



nature trips



wild flowers


no dogs

8 months ago

If your someone who loves traveling off the beaten path and exploring places few ever dare see then this hike is for you!
I’ve done this hike two times over the past five years and is one of my favorites.
Start on the road looking at the canyon and travel up along the creek until beginning of canyon for best path. Once in, the path is up to you. Bound over boulders or go through the under brush, your call.
The high cliffs and boulders make you feel like your going through the land before time and at the end of the hike you feel like your looking at a small version of the Great Rift Valley.
At the end of the canyon I would highly recommend hiking up along the right side of the canyon for spectacular views of the canyon and surroundings and going back that way instead of back through the canyon.
Again if your in the area or at Stillwell Ranch and love hiking would highly recommend it! A++