Anthony's Nose

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Anthony's Nose is a 9.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near El Paso, Texas that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and rock climbing and is best used from September until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

9.6 miles
2,598 feet
Out & Back

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8 months ago

This is a beautiful but not very easy hike. Have only hiked a section of it. Very pretty scenery.

Monday, July 04, 2016

Our journey to the Anthony's Nose consisted in four parts: The first one, we went from the end of Tom Mays Road and follow the trail until we reach the Shortcut #5, turn to the right following the road that we believe is the continuation of the Westway road, then to the arroyo and canyon were the mountain starts. Very nice trail, we started early and the colors of the morning with the songs of the birds, made our trip very enjoyable. The second part, started at about 4 miles were the trail finishes, we had to go up hiking by the arroyo, the canyon and the hill side. Beautiful place, very nice views but difficult to walk, steep, rocky and full of lechugillas and ocotillos. The third part, is the most difficult and dangerous. In a previous visit to this area, we decided to return (Our track "Anthony's Nose 1 on June 6, 2015), but this time we chose to try getting to the top. This part is very very steep, rocky, with full of small loose rocks and bushes that made very difficult to hike and climb. We arrived to a place were you can touch the tip of the Nose, amazing big rock! but you can not climb to the summit. We also have tried to climb it by the right side, but the rim near the Nose looks almost impossible to hike. So we considered that we arrived to the Anthony's Nose when we touched the tip of the big rock. Like when you visit the El Capitan at Guadalupe Mountains, you get in near to the big rock but not to the top of it. If somebody has got to the top of the Nose, we want to study the track and follow the route. The four part, we returned back going down from the upper side of the arroyo, not the same we went up. This arroyo is very difficult to hike so we moved to the hill side and walked until we arrived to the lower part of the arroyo. We continued walking by the arroyo, then by a terrain with no trail until we got the trail near the Shortcut #3. This was an exhausting journey for us. We loved the beautiful view, but we consider that this is a difficult and dangerous trail if you attempt to reach the top of the rock. If you want to do it, bring more than a gallon of water and good hiking boots, the trip will take you more than 8 or 9 hours,

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I know this HIke begins at the Tom Mays picnic area that is part of the Franklin Mountains State Park fee area on the west side of the mountain range. But I did it through HWY 404 that is the road between chapparal and anthony NM, here is how you ge to this trailhead:

From El Paso, go west on I-10 about 2 miles past the NM state line. Exit on NM-404, turn right (east). Follow NM-404 east about 5 miles. At the top of the pass, look for a gate on the right (south) side of the road. Enter (CLOSE THE GATE!) and follow the dirt road as far as your vehicle will allow. (Lat:32.0028 Lon:-106.51663)

If you have done Anthony Gap Cave you are familiar with this Trailhead, if you havent please do it, it is one of the best hikes around here I recommend it over Anthony's Nose any day. it is shorter and more pet/family friendly. Once you CLOSE THE GATE BEHIND you follow dirt road to the LEFT, always follow left - towards mountains. there will be a parking lot to your left park your car there, the road does continue but if you have a small car I recommend stopping at parking lot. if you have a 4x4 then you can go further down, the rest of us have more walking to do. once you ge to the trail follow it left and uphill. it will at times divide but keep it to the left, you will then see the trail go between two mountains/hills then it will divide one trail will go left uphill and one (faint trail) will continue south downwards. this are the coordinates to the cave entrance:N 31.99808* W 106.51025* To go to cave follow left trail to continue on to Anthony Nose follow south towards arroyo in the valley, going down will force you off the trail and this is where the painful cactuswacking will begin. yes there is a faint trail but it ends then it starts on a whole different position, it will be ON the arroyo, then on the left side above the arroyo, then on the righthand side above the arroyo... its just up to you to find the best way off the arroyo, Once you spend most of your energy scrambling boulders, & most of your time tip-toeing around all the lechuguilla, cactus, ocotillo, you will ascent up the mountain the hike gets so much easier. But the Lechunguilla never goes away, it gets easier to dodge it but it will ALWAYS BE THERE, lol. Once you reach the Rocky Ridge you will walk a couple miles on ridge until it ends, then you get off the mountain to the left and go up another mountain going north, then get on ridge again and continue down the rocky ridge to Anthony Nose, you will have to do some rock climbing.

I do not recommend this hike for dogs or children, although its possible a dog can finish this hike, but I dont recommend. If you will be doing it give yourself over 7hrs to finish it, bring lunch and atleast 6 bottle waters, i went through all of my 6 bottle waters! Bring good hiking shoes, and pants (no shorts) there is no way you will avoid cactuswacking. even a week after my hike i could still find thorns stabbed on my legs! and the thorns also went through my boots. I just know I was so glad once i got back to my car, and i decided i will never again do this hike, i rather pay the 5.00 dollars at the entrance parking area on the west side of franklin mountains.. ha ha I didnt buy a season pass this year for Texas. but i must admit the view was beautiful, and this is why I give this hike 3 star rating. If you are a beginner hiker, or you are not used to strenous hiking terrane dont attempt!

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