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Myrtle Point via Appalachian Trail and Boulevard Trail

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Myrtle Point via Appalachian Trail and Boulevard Trail is a 15.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November.

Distance: 15.7 miles Elevation Gain: 3,710 feet Route Type: Out & Back




nature trips


bird watching



wild flowers




no dogs

The Boulevard Trail is an American hiking trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in Sevier County, Tennessee. Approximately 0.2 miles (0.32 km) from the Boulevard-Appalachian Trail junction is the Jumpoff Trail, a 0.3-mile (0.48 km) side trail that crosses the summit of Mount Kephart en route to a 1,000-foot (300 m) cliff overlooking the eastern Smokies and Sevier County. About a mile past the Jumpoff Trail junction, the Boulevard Trail descends for appx. 500 feet (150 m) before rising again along the eastern side of Mount Le Conte. At 7.5 miles (12.1 km) the trail comes to a 0.2-mile (0.32 km) spur trail leading to one of the four peaks of the Le Conte massif, Myrtle Point. Myrtle Point is particularly known for its fantastic sunrises, as it provides a clear view to the east. Just beyond the side trail to Myrtle Point, the Boulevard Trail ascends to High Top, the highest point on Mount Le Conte (6,593 ft; 2,010 m). From High Top, the Boulevard Trail continues for another 0.2 miles (0.32 km) to the Mount Le Conte backcountry shelter (modeled after those found on the Appalachian Trail) and then a short distance to LeConte Lodge, where the trail terminates at its junction with the Alum Cave Trail and the Trillium Gap Trail.

Tue Feb 05 2019

Fun hike to leconte and Myrtle point. walking along ridge top makes it worth it.

Sat Jul 21 2018

This was a great route to get up to mount Leconte. I'd suggest exploring a bit more when you are on top. But it was nice. Well maintained trail.

Sun Apr 29 2018

Boulevard is a good alternate route to Leconte versus the more popular Alum Cave or Rainbow Falls routes. Although an out and back on this trail is longer, the trail has a steady mix of ups and downs - but not too much of either at once. The side trails to “the jumpoff” and Myrtle Point are worth the stop if you want to do some extra and have the time. Trail is in good shape with the most rocky portions at the beginning and the end on the climb from Newfound gap to Ice water springs area. That is also the most crowded section as it overlaps the route along the AT to Charlie’s Bunion. Would be a good running route if that’s your thing.

Tue Oct 17 2017

Fri Jul 21 2017

From LeConte Lodge, it is 0.7 mi. over the top of LeConte and to the sign at the Boulevard Trail - Myrtle Point junction, and another 0.2 miles from there to Myrtle Point. This is a great spot for sunrises or sunsets as Myrtle Point is a ridge with views from both sides. The LeConte AT shelter is between the top of LeConte and LeConte Lodge. We "just" missed the sunrise but enjoyed the early morning light at the top. Not to miss if you are in the vicinity.

Sun Mar 05 2017

Strenuous hike, but you pay with your legs to see with your eyes. Outstanding Vista views, one of the best in the park. Hit the Cliff tops for even more magnificent overlooks of the GSNP.

Sun Sep 11 2016


Fri Sep 02 2016

This was an amazing hike. We started at Newfound Gap and hiked the first 2.7 miles on the AT. Be warned, the trail is straight up for the first few miles. After the junction of Charlie's Bunion and Boulevard, the trail begins a rollercoaster that lasts until the last mile. The last stretch of Boulevard is very challenging with exposed hiking along the ridges and steep, rocky climbs. Turn left and hike the remaining 0.3 miles to Myrtle Point or go right and hike 0.6 to LeConte Lodge. Both options are fantastic. Be sure to pack plenty of water. This hike gives you everything that is magic about the Smokies: dense, moss covered forest, panoramic mountain views, rocky outcroppings, wildlife. It is a must do for anyone in the region.

Sun Jul 24 2016

All up hill from the Newfound Gap Overlook for the 2.7 miles we hiked it. The trail is beautiful and very rocky, my boyfriend and I were very happy to have had our trekking poles. When we reached the peak, it was cool to see we were above the clouds. Wildlife seen was minimal: a bunny and a bluejay. There were a lot of people out hiking including young people, it was nice to see so many out enjoying nature.

Sun Jul 10 2016

Strenuous, following along narrow passages lined with cable wire. Outstanding expansive views, on a clear day, you can see for miles. Trail is wet and it is easy to experience a pop up rain cloud. Snow adds a level of danger, crampons are advised. There are healthy amounts of kinglets and other birds, black ticks and bees/yellow jackets at Cliff Point- please be watchful if you decide to munch on food while enjoying the views. Overall, worth the adventure!

Tue Apr 12 2016

The trail starts 2.7 miles up the App Trail from new found gap over look so I count that as part of the over all hike making it almost 8 miles to La Conte. I did this hike Sunday April 10th and I wasn't excepting so much snow. The (AT) was some what icy making it a slow hike. The real adventure started once I was on the boulevard trail. After a short downward walk the snow really started to get deep 4-6 inches thank goodness the wind was almost nonexistent that day or I would've been very cold. The trail drops downward for what seamed to be a mile or two. Then the snow seemed to get less as I continued down in elevation. I couldn't help but think as much downhill as I was doing there was going to all a lot of uphill to reach the summit of la Conte. I wasn't wrong. After 4 hours of downs and ups the snow and ice return for the final up hill battle. The over looks were very pretty with huge panoramic views of the Tennessee Valley. I will not lie I was very tired when I reached the summit. Then it's another .7 tenths of a mile to the lodge. Needless to say I was exhausted and after some thought I decided I would not return to new found gap by way of the Boulevard trail instead after a lunch break at the lodge made my way down the mountain by way Alum cave trail . Thank goodness I have US Cellular they're the only ones that have service at the lodge. I made a quick phone call to family members in North Carolina and had them meet me at the bottom saving me the grueling track through the snow and ice back to the Appalachian trail. The hole day trip was 14 miles and was done in 8 hours. I might return in the summer and try it again but I will never do it in April again.

Wed Nov 25 2015

Great trail to Mt LeConte with lots of moderate up and down. In the fall, there are several spots along the way that have terrific views. About 3700 feet in total elevation change one way. Must plan in advance if you want to stay overnight at LeConte Lodge.

Wed Nov 25 2015

Love this trail so much! Very gradual up and downs.

Fri Oct 30 2015

We started this trail around 8 am, and had the trail almost to ourselves. We hiked up the Alum Cove trail and then to the top. Alum Cove was mundane; however, the trail to the peak was the best trail we've attempted to date. Steep in spots and it can get slick when it's raining. Once we completed the trail, we heard that most that hiked to the top were there to stay over. The views were stunning. It's WINDY so no matter the temp, bring a jacket. This trail gets a 10 hands down. It's challenging, its beautiful, it's a clean trail and if I lived close, I would do it at least once a month.

Wed Oct 14 2015

It is an endeavor to do as a day hike. There are some great views on the trail and some pretty serious climbs.

Thu May 21 2015

Beautiful Hike. Some great views along the way. Almost that whole 2.7 section of the AT to the trailhead is up. That took me nearly 1.5 hours, was moving around 2.0mph Had about 40lb pack as i had some real food, wine, "luxury" items as my Thru hiker friends called them. I did the actual Bvd trail in 2:45 minutes. Total time was 4 hr 15 min from NFG parking lot.. I think its more like 2700 feet of elevation gain with all the ups and downs. I know my thru hiker friends left their packs at the shelter near the trailhead and it took them 1:35-1:45 with no weight. Amazing sunset and sunrise spots... Both truely amazing and must be witnessed. Left at 8am the next morning, same way back to my car. 3 hrs and 5 min on the downhill... But still a few nice climbs.

Sun May 10 2015

I believe it is the best hike to Leconte there is! Hiked it early summer 2014!

Thu Nov 06 2014

Awesome day-hike. One of the best in the park in my opinion.

Tue Jun 17 2014

My wife, son, and I hiked up this trail for an overnight stay at LeConte Lodge recently. For my wife and I, we are inexperienced hikers, and the trail seemed like a death march. We made it up to the lodge after about 7 hours. Our son, who is 14, was fine, so I'm sure being out of shape was the determining factor. The trail was beautiful, although it was a slightly cloudy day, so some of the views were obscured. On the way down we hiked the Alum since it was shorter. If you're getting started in your fitness journey, be warned that this is an all day journey that will leave you more than a bit drained.

Tue Dec 24 2013

Great trail, we completed this in December one year and it was a great experience hiking through the snow. We only saw a handful of people once we got about a mile away from Newfound Gap. Taking the spur trail to the Jumpoff is a must. The view was great!

Sun Aug 25 2013

Drop off at Newfound Gap hike the AT to the Boulevourd, then head up to Mt Leconte, i think the Jump is right after the turn onto the BLVD, it's a 1/4 ml spur to the JUMP- an opening with a mystecial view. Back on trail you''ll walk upon Leconte Lodge, Now you have choices, Alum Cave trail, BullHead, or Rainbow? I had a pick up at Alum, pretty cool. What a wonderful day. This trail really has it all.

Fri May 31 2013

went down this trail from the lodge on top on Oct. 13, 2012. Not quite peak fall colors, but close. Some spectacular views along the way, but definitely a long hike. We spent the first 1/3 in cloud cover, so not sure what the views were like, but once we got below the clouds it was pretty good. Even though we were coming down the mountain, there's some serious up in certain sections. We did do the spur trail and the view was great, so I recommend doing that if you have the strength. Sorry, can't remember the name, but it was about 1 mile or so above the junction to the App. Trail.. I don't know that I would take this trail again because it WAS long and we went up Alum Cave trail the day before, but we had 2 cars so we wanted to experience 2 different trails to see what they were like. I wouldn't go up it to Mt. LeConte, that's for sure.

Mon Oct 15 2012

This trail is great! The first 2.7 miles on the Appalachian Trail was pretty crowded but it was Saturday during "leaf peeker" season so I wasn't too surprised. After reaching the trail for Charlies Bunion the crowd thinned out considerably. As the morning fog burned of we reached the part of the trail that ascends the mountain ridgeline. This was a pretty awesome experience for me! On either side was a pretty steep slope and if it had not been for the trees I would've felt very exposed. There was not denying we were walking along the very top of a mountain! From there on out the views were incredible! Myrtle Point is breathtaking and so are the Clifftops; I highly recommend taking these spurs. The lodge has enclosed out-houses, a place to replenish your water supply and day hikers can take advantage of unlimited lemonade/coffee/hot chocolate for $3 as well as a seat in the dining area or porch. Now, here's the deal, folks...this trail from the parking area to the lodge is 8 miles ONE WAY, 16 rt. I was exhausted when we reached the lodge and still had 8 miles to go. Hiking this trail to the lodge and back in one day is a lot to take on so be prepared.

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7 months ago

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