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Lower Mount Cammerer Trail

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Lower Mount Cammerer Trail is a 14.5 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Cosby, Tennessee that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 14.5 miles Elevation Gain: 1,899 feet Route Type: Out & Back



horseback riding

nature trips


bird watching





wild flowers


no dogs

Views from Sutton Ridge and many peaceful stream crossings This trail offers many options, you can take the longest route to Mt Cammerer intersecting with the AT and then down Low Gap for a 15+ hike, or just to the campsite and out, or out to the AT and return the same way. Trail begins in the Low Gap area and then quickly rises into a beautiful hemlock forest. At 1.4mi there is a spur trail on Sutton Ridge that offers views of the Cosby Valley. At 3.3mi you will see the campsite A, B, C are lower campsites protected by a hill and D and E are up the hill including a hitching post for horses. Past the campsite the trail becomes steeper and rocky with many easy stream crossings 4.2 miles later you intersect with the Appalachian Trail. From here return to the trailhead via the same route.

3 months ago

Sun Dec 24 2017

This hike is amazing! #abovetheclouds ❤️

Wed Oct 25 2017

easy, very nice trail

Tue Sep 27 2016

This trail was nice it was not steep and was well maintained. There was some growth over the trail near the creeks. We came down from the fire tower by this trail because it was easier than the low gap trail and I had developed some blisters on the way up...that being said this trail is extremely long...the milage on the map leaves off a section of the trail so it is actually about 3 miles longer than the map shows...LEAVE EARLY to do this loop in one day. we were late leaving....stayed a little too long at the firetower and then there were the aforementioned blisters that slowed us down so we were hiking back in the dark for about three miles...we encountered a crazy hornet that attacked our head lamps and a Mt lion or cougar (according to the Rangers we spoke to) at a stream that screamed at us to go away! So leave early...wear good shoes and count on a lot of miles!

Wed Jul 06 2016

Long but beautiful trail. Not much incline and a good warm up to the hard descent up the AT to the cammerer fire tower. My partner and I did this in a loop hike overnight using campsite #35. Great campsite and a good, albeit long, loop. Lower mt cammerer -> AT -> firetower -> AT -> low gap. I'd definitely recommend it!

Sun Jul 03 2016

Due to its long and gradual ascent, the Lower Cammerer Trail serves as a virtual escalator up to the AT, as it meanders around the base of its namesake for 7.4 miles. It's a nice trail to loop with Low Gap for a long day hike, or to do an overnight at Cosby Knob and finish down Snake Den. It also has a really nice campsite (#35) around mile 3 for a short distance retreat. Otherwise, its most alluring quality is its solitude. The vast majority of hikers choose the significantly shorter, up and back, route through Low Gap to hike up Cammerer. I did not encounter a soul during my travels on the LCT, but met several dozen once I passed the summit, heading to and down the Low Gap Trail.

Sat Jun 18 2016

One of my most favorite trails. While it's only 2.6 round trip-it's secluded and I've never seen another hiker when I've been on it. Rewarding and quiet overlook to enjoy a small picnic or rest.

Sun Jun 12 2016


Sun May 24 2015

A great trail to do with kids has river crossings with bridges.

Mon Apr 13 2015

Nice hike plenty of wildflower so! Nice streams with some waterfalls. Nice gentle grade up and back!3

Sun Apr 05 2015

Easy hike starting at the South East corner of the campground. Well worth the hike. Beautiful views.

Fri Jul 04 2014

Very nice trail. Took Boy Scouts up to the AT, took a picture and kept hiking back around to the Cosby Campground. Good water supplies.

Tue Jun 10 2014

Started at Cosby Campground, hiked up Low Gap Trailhead to the AT, headed to Mt Cammerer, then down Lower Mt Cammerer trail. It ended up being just over 16 miles. We had a great time!

Sat May 10 2014

Not the most exciting trail in the park. I hiked started from Cosby campground up Low Gap to the AT to Mt Cammerer and then back to Cosby on the Lower Mt Cammerer trail. Unless I do this same loop again I will not hike again. Very easy with a few stream crossing offers plenty of drinking water.

Thu Sep 05 2013

Great trail. It is fairly level with 2 foot bridge crossing and a few rock crossings. Our 2.5 yr old walked about 3/4th of a mile before being relegated to the backpack carrier. The spur to the overlook IS very steep but completely worth the climb. We packed snack foods and the overlook, complete with bench, was a great place to enjoy the view and re-energize.

Mon Jun 24 2013

Neat trail! It was relatively easy for how good the view was. Has a bench at the top to sit and admire the Smokies. Trail is kind of confusing to figure out but you start up Lower Mt. Cammerer from Cosby Campground then it splits off towards Sutton Ridge. Once you reach that point, it's self explanatory. Awesome half-day hike!

Thu May 24 2012

This was the trail we took towards the back of Cosby campground. Used it as a means to an end to get to the AT. Offers very little in views but it is completely shaded. Overall it is a relatively easy hike. I know it falls in the moderate category, but I would call it light moderate in most parts. Other than getting to the AT I probably would not hike this again.

Sun Oct 23 2011

This trail offers very little in views and anything interesting. However, combined with the AT to Mt Cammerer makes for a fun day hike! I normally take this to the AT, AT to Mt Cammerer and back down Low Gap.

Mon Sep 19 2011

A nice easy trail with a great view

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