Jump Off Trail via Appalachain Trail

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Jump Off Trail via Appalachain Trail is a 6.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, birding, and backpacking and is accessible year-round.

6.2 miles
1,482 feet
Out & Back







wild flowers



no dogs

There is a restroom at Newfound Gap close to the trailhead.

17 minutes ago

Starting off in the parking lot the views blow you away. We left early in the morning so the trail was not as busy. Absolutely breathtaking once you reach the Jump Off. Great views along the way also. Once we reached the summit of Mt Kephart we weren't sure if that was the jump off but had to go through some brush to continue. Once we got to the Jump Off there was no mistaking it. Absolutely incredible! Highly reccommend.

9 days ago

We picked this trail on a rainy day so we missed out on the view at the top. Still a very nice trail and a little bit of a challenge from the normal trails. Since it was raining, waterproof boots and ponchos were life savers! The end is a little more difficult but fun! We will be back!

25 days ago

Did this while going up to mount leconte. It feels special to be on the AT. The view at the end was nice. Doing this segment backpacking took me about 2hours (one-way), so it isn't very steep and the trial is very well maintained

27 days ago

Great trail! Very strenuous the first leg on the New Found Gap until you get to the Boulevard. There is one section toward the end of the trail before you get to the peak that is very narrow, muddy and over grown, but keep pushing through and it clears back up. The hike is definitely worth it! The most amazing views of the park! Would not recommend for young children, as it is on the difficult end of moderate, and the top peak is on a cliff with not much room for moving around.

1 month ago

This is a beautiful hike with several great vistas along the way. much of the way up was overcast and made the warm day very pleasant. The trail never gets too strenuous but you will have a steady climb and a good workout on the way up. We met hikers of all ages on the trail. When we reached the Jump Off it was clouded in with no view at all. we sat down to eat and after a couple of minutes the clouds blew through and the view was beautiful. we stayed for 30 minutes and talked with a couple of other groups that came up after us. The clouds came and went several times, giving us spectacular views then hiding them again. The hike down was faster since it is mostly downhill. We took our time going up and made it in 2.5 hours. The hike back to Newfound Gap was right at 2 hours.

1 month ago

It's beautiful. The views are extremely nice. Well worth the walk.

2 months ago

fairly moderate for the most part. there are a couple of rough patches, but more than worth it for the view.

3 months ago

Would rate certain sections of this trail as difficult. First part of AT is a little on harder side. First part of Jump off trail is a little more difficult as well. Trail is well marked, and provides stunning views. We were going to hike to Charlie's Bunion but after the views we saw, just felt as if they couldn't be topped. Good hiking boots and socks are a must. Poles would help. Saw people with Sandals, but it is just asking for an injury. Worth the hike, we will remember this for years!

4 months ago

This is a great trail overall and mostly moderate. I will say the actual .3 miles on the jump off trail are more on the strenous/hard side with steep ups and downs, but the view at the end is worth the hike up there. Definitely a must do while in the Smokies!

5 months ago

This was a nice trail but we missed the view because of the fog. I’ll have to try it again on a clear day. I suggest doing Charles Bunyan on the same day.

6 months ago

Best backpacking trip I have ever done.

8 months ago

An absolutely beautiful trail with one of the best (and relatively lesser known) views in the park. The trail up was moderate, rocky, and icy. Once you get to the sign for the Jump Off, continue on the side trail until you reach a rock that gives an incredible view of the mountains (it’ll feel like you’re going on to another trail, but you’re not — just keep going until the trail ends at the Jump Off). Highly recommended.

9 months ago

This was a good hike! The last mile or so is quite the scramble to the summit but it's fun. The summit is very small but it was far less crowded than most in GSMNP. Go on a clear day for a great view!

9 months ago

Looking for a trail to prep for a hike to Mt LeConte. Thought the easiest would be The Jump Off from Newfound Gap parking lot. as the elevation gain would be less.

First trail, AT part, that almost filled my 32gSD card!!!! Because of the photo ops going up, took 3.5 hours. Coming back 1 hour 15 minutes!!!!!!!

9 months ago

outstanding views and well marked with a sign

10 months ago

A great day for hiking with scenic views in all directions, but you also have to watch your feet as there are rocks, roots, and some tricky footing here and there. But it is well worth the time and effort.

10 months ago

First weekend in October, the trail was pretty crowded with people getting out and enjoying the perfect weather to hike this scenic trail. The views were beautiful and clear, the air on the top of the ridge cool. I will say that the first mile and a half climbed enough to get my attention. Also, the first tenth of a mile after the Jump Off turn to the right had a lot of loose rocks and roots; I was glad to be in sturdy boots. Still, a classic hike I thoroughly enjoyed!

10 months ago

No, this trail is not poorly marked whatsoever. This is why you research point for point before going hiking. The big wooden sign reading "Jump Off" with an arrow up the trail is unmistakable. We go every year on Sept. 28th for our anniversary. Last year was clear views but this year, we got to hike in the clouds! It was amazing going right up to the edge and looking over the 500 foot drop off into just clouds, and watching them whirl and whisp in over the AT. Absolutely magical.

10 months ago

Poorly marked. Make sure you pay attention and follow the Jump off sign about 0.1 into the trail. A large group of hikers were congregated in front of the sign and we missed it, continuing on the AT going down for a good while before we decided to turn around knowing we missed it. Two other groups of hikers besides us did the same.

11 months ago

The Appalachian Trail up to the jump off trail is rocky and technical is some spots so make sure you wear proper hiking shoes. I watched a girl wearing improper shoes fall on her face. The .3 mile trail to Jump off is even worse lots of rocky climbs. So flip flops aren't a great idea. The climb is definitely worth the spectacular view.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Almost the exact same hike as Charlie's Bunion but a bit shorter and worse view in my opinion. The actual trail that goes up to the Jump Off can be hard to notice since the signage is not all that great but it is maybe 0.1 miles after you take a left at a split off and it will be on your right just after the sign. The view itself is pretty good but I found Charlies Bunion to be better. And if it is cloudy on the trail you probably shouldn't bother with the Jump Off since the view will almost certainly be blocked.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

I would rate this trail as highly moderate/hard, ran into a bunch of wild life! One of the best Hikes I have ever done! Please be careful on the jump off. It's a straight off drop! Not much room for error In certain areas. Very rocky and over growth. There are lots of mini trails that go off the main one. I highly recommend hiking them. Usually lead to a nice view or a unique structures/formations.

Friday, July 21, 2017

We got there around 10:00am and it was very cloudy so we hiked to Charlie's Bunion and went back up the Jumpoff around 3:30, the views were much more impressive once the clouds had moved. The trail was not very populated.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Squirrels present. View was also nice. Not as cool as the squirrels.

Friday, June 09, 2017

The view is absolutely worth every step. I would definitely hike to this spot for the view again!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Broad and well maintained trail. I recommend doing Charlie's Bunion instead for a much better view. It took me 1 hour to get to the drop off. It's only 2.6M round trip to Charlie's bunion, or only 2M more on relatively little incline.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Amazing views.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wow! That was a long hike as we added in the Charlie Bunion trail also. It was exactly what I imagined the AP trail to look like. The views are amazing. We saw deer, squirrel and birds. Great trails. Took amazing photos and drank so much water.

Friday, March 24, 2017

It was a thought hike in the icy path, but totally work it! Great views

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thank god for trekking poles and hiking boots. Lots of rocks and tree roots on the trail and an incline all the way up. Once you make it to the top the view is absolutely breathtaking and worth every step.

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