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John Litton Farm Loop is a 6.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Oneida, Tennessee that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 6.2 miles Elevation Gain: 524 feet Route Type: Loop

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5 days ago

Good trail. Caves. Rock walls. Decent incline mid-end.

14 days ago

Well maintained trail. The 1+ miles of gravel road is pretty boring but the rest of the trail makes up for it.

3 months ago

Went counter clockwise. Trail had a good bit of water and mud but it had rained the night before. The rain made the trail full of waterfalls and running creeks.

Great easy trail that is mostly flat. If you start the loop going down the road instead of through the woods, you will go down the only step part of the trail. The old farm, waterfall, and rocks make the trail very worthwhile and neat!

11 months ago

Hike was great. Got to see a kingsnake and a copperhead. Beautiful weather. Had lunch in the barn loft. Easy hike for the distance it was.

Fri Jul 05 2019

Great trail! It being connected to bandy creek campground made it super convenient. We are not experienced hikers so it was a little longer than we expected but overall we had a great time! Cool ladders to climb, bridges to walk over and mix between flat and steep areas.

Sun Jun 02 2019

I would recommend this trial. It's a good trail easy to walk. There are 2 sets of ladders to climb down. I did see two black snakes on trail. It's nice and peaceful at the small farm.

Sat May 04 2019

Oak forests. Pine-needles covering the path. Roots and rocks. Waterfalls. Rock outcroppings. This trail is absolutely gorgeous and though it’s easy enough for most skill levels, it will be enjoyable for all. I felt as though I took three different hikes as the scenery and terrain changed. Even with plenary of stopping for photos and a snack break the 6 miles took us about 3.5 hours. Our furry companions enjoyed this trail as well. Camping at Bandy Creek Campground means just a short walk to the trailhead. The area is beautiful, the trail is well-maintained, and there are backcountry sites along the route as well. From what I understand the area is prone to rain, but we encountered only a handful of muddy spots that were easy enough to navigate. I highly recommend this trail and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Sat Feb 23 2019

This trail is one of my favorites. It has it all with some history at the farm. Fun day hike but also a good overnight trail. It has one nice hidden camp site near the farm that I like a lot.

Mon Feb 18 2019

Awesome trail super easy!

Tue Dec 11 2018

Beautiful hike on a cold December day. Well worth it

Sun Sep 16 2018

Very nice trail. Quite flat, with only a handful of steep spot, all of them very short. Also well marked and most of the way it is wide enough for 2 side by side. Several rock faces to walk under, some with falling runoff. Also a few large boulders. Half of the loop runs along a creek so there is a chance to refill water if you need it. Small falls near the halfway point. It doesn’t offer scenic views unless you take the finger to the gap. The farm is pretty cool from an historical standpoint. Most of the timbers in the barn were axe hewn, so it is largely original. Overall a fun quiet hike. It was in the low 80s but most of the trail felt cooler than that. We went thought a liter of water each. Stepped over a 20”ish copperhead slithering across the path. Also saw a big pile of black bear scat that was maybe 24 hours there is at least 1 best around there.

Sun Sep 16 2018

This was a fun loop. Easy trail to follow. We saw lots of interesting mushrooms, bear poop, coyote poop and had a fairly big copperhead cross our path. We only passed 2 people.

Mon Aug 20 2018

While camping at Bandy Creek this week, I have done two partials and a full counterclockwise hike on this very nice trail. This morning I was joined by my four Shih Tzu companions in their dog stroller on the last third of the loop which was a hilly gravel road. Interesting old farm.

Wed Sep 20 2017

super easy trail but great none the less.

Mon Sep 18 2017

This trail had it all, very rugged back country! Ladders, bridges, climbs, rocks, creeks, wild flowers! we did see a copper head on this trail as well as bear marks in some mud so no doubt you are in bear country! Lots of caves along the way as well! We loved this hike and it had just the right amount of challenges.... not too hard but very rewarding views! We will definitely do this one again!

Sat Jun 24 2017

Beautiful trail, moderate hike, good PT...

Tue Apr 04 2017

Good easy hike!

Mon Mar 20 2017

Great easy long hike.

Sun Feb 26 2017

Well maintained trail with plenty of room for groups. Great geology as always in this park. The farm is a great destination to take a break and eat lunch. Nice easy loop with plenty see and experience. I would recommend this hike for hikers of any ability. Also dog friendly (on leash) so bring your fur-babies along!

Sat Sep 10 2016

The trail was great, and you could tell the leaves started to color. The trail is rated as easy, but should be rated as moderate...some places are tricky, but if your careful you should be ok. The Farm is not as massive, but cool to see.

Sun May 15 2016

Really enjoyed this trail. Lots of variety.

Sat Apr 30 2016

A very pleasant hike we did at sunset back in the fall of 2015.

Sat Jan 03 2015

Nice, relatively easy hike, except for a short ladder or two at the end. Can be made into an 18 mile hike if you take the rim trail as well (has some great scenic views - this combo is the BSF Trail Race put on by KTC in the fall - a hoot). The farm is a great picnic area (watch the yellow-jackets in the fall). The trail follows the stream for a while as well.

Sun Jun 10 2012

Nice easy hike on a well-maintained trail. Lots of great things to see for such a short hike.

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