Photos of Hamilton Creek

10.9 miles
800 feet

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10 days ago

I hiked this trail. I went early so I'd be less likely to interfere with the MTB'ers. I saw 2 actual bikers, and 2 joggers. Hikers, please read the following and take it into consideration. The reason these trails are MTB trails is that there really isn't anything to see and the setting isn't fit for actual hiking. I did this trail because it is a trail I hadn't done, and I'm trying to hike out my area. The trails are pretty narrow, and not really challenging for a hike at all. They are just, for the most part, miles. It's not really worth it unless you're just a completionist nut like me who wants to say they did it. For the most part, besides two pine barrens and an old used tire graveyard, there isn't anything to see.

For people who are going to bike this trail: This trail made me wish I had a bike, not that I could have done the trail. It actually seemed to be interesting and had some spots that looked like they would actually challenge a person on a bike. There's a jump or two in there, but mostly it looks like this trail just hates your quads and hammies if you're on a bike. You guys know, most of these trails for bikes aren't all that special, and when things get dropped by your ilk, no one really ever notices as they fly by. I'd recommend getting with the friends of the park, if there's a group, and cleaning up that mess of a tire graveyard. It just makes you guys look bad.

As far as biking goes, I'd give it a 4 since it looks like it'd be kind of fun. Docking stars for general trashiness of the trail, specifically the tire cemetery. There were 2 downed trees on the trail when I went, so keep your head up, not that you could afford otherwise on this one.