7.2 miles
984 feet
Out & Back



horseback riding

trail running





no dogs

4 months ago

We really enjoyed the hike. The trailhead is impossible to find, But this AllTrail app took us right there.. It is basically at the intersection of two streets. Parking is not existent and we just parked on the side of the road by some electrical utilities. When you start hiking, you’re not really sure that you’re walking on the trail and you see a sign that says private property. I think that marks the private property line to the left of the trail as you’re walking. Nonetheless, if you walk about 300 yards, you will then obviously see National Park Service signs. We went in middle of November right as the leaves were changing. It was unbelievably beautiful. Many of the leaves have fallen so we could see through the trees and see gorgeous panoramas. The trail is wide. It’s made for horses so you don’t have to walk single file you can actually walk next to your hiking partners and talk comfortably. We followed the maps that went Took us on a different route up the mountain. The view was just beautiful smoky mountain panorama. The trails are clearly marked and there are plenty of signs That direct you which way to go. This was a very peaceful, quiet, serene Trail.The trailhead is right near the lake in the sky in Tennessee and although we did not go there, I would recommend at least driving into the small town as I hear it is also beautiful.