Fiery Gizzard Trail to Raven's Point

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Fiery Gizzard Trail to Raven's Point is a 9.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Tracy City, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

9.1 miles
1131 feet

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This trail is considered one of the top 25 hiking trails in the United States. Hikes can view spectacular rock formations, cascading streams, waterfalls, rocky gorges, panoramic overlooks and lush woodlands. It begins on top of Mont Eagle mountain and descends into Savage Gulf and private property. The creek that runs through is clean cold and gorgeous. Since it is private property there is one camp site where fire is not permitted. It is a difficult to strenuous trail, but worth every step. It features great views waterfalls and primitive home of the local indians. A must for any souther outdoorsman.

1 day ago

Boulder valley is 4.5 miles of sweet sweet abuse that leaves you craving more domination at the hands of mother neature. Thank you mother. May I have another??

23 days ago

Difficult but awesome hiking trail. Not for younger children. I brought my 7 yr old and 13 yr old boys. We started at 8 am and ended near 6 pm for the entire trail. So I would find a babysitter for the long trail. The swimming trails are okay for children as long as they aren't very clumsy. The hike itself is intense. Be sure you have everything you need because once you overcome half of the trail, there's no turning back. Stay hdrated!!!! Eat!!!!

28 days ago

As good as it gets

1 month ago

Loved the scenery and definitely gets your heart rate up

2 months ago

Beautiful and challenging! Plenty of changes in the terrain to keep it very interesting. It took us about 7 hours. Lots of stop-and-enjoy/rest through the Fiery Gizzard trail portion, then we just blazed through the rest after Ravens Point. We were glad we took the fiery gizzard trail first so our energy was good for the more brutal terrain. Bring three times as much water as you think you’ll need, and don’t plan on being able to use your legs much for the next 24 hours.

2 months ago

Lance Hayes has the best review of this trail (6th review below this one)...haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Every word he says is the gospel truth!!!

I made the mistake of going counter-clockwise on the way in and had to face the arduous and grueling hike out of the gorge on the back side of the mountain. The gorge took much longer than anticipated so my arrival at Rave Point was much later than I planned. After a quick lunch, I took a few selfies and went live on Facebook to show my friends what they were missing out on.

No sooner than I finished showing my friends the incredible view from Raven Point, the sky opened up and came a torrential downpour of Biblical proportions. The water was literally flowing along the trail path like a little river so I got to wade back. Due to the extremely difficult time I had traversing the terrain in the gorge, I ran out daylight a lot sooner than I had planned to (3 miles away from trailhead.) Fortunately, I ALWAYS hike prepared for contingencies so I had a flashlight with me. Needless to say, I was cold, wet, and totally exhaused by the time I got back to the parking lot! I only regret not having someone there to share such an excruciating and exhilarating experience with. I had the best time and loved every second of this venture...I felt SO alive and can't wait to go back!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy trails!!! ;-)

2 months ago

Lots of boulders in the gorge. I made the descending into the gorge on my way in and coming back out via the rim. Raven Point was absolutely breathtaking. I ate a quick lunch, took a couple selfies, and went live on Facebook to show mu friends what they were missing out on. No sooner than I finished, it came a torrential downpour to the point water was flowing down the trail like a small creek. Because the bottom side of the loop was so arduous I arrived at Raven Point much later than I had planned. On the way back I ran out of daylight about 3 miles from the trailhead (still in the poring rain). Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time I got back to the trailhead. This was by far my favorite hike to date. I felt so alive and only wish someone else could have been there to share such an exhilarating experience. Loved every second and can't wait to go back! ;-)

2 months ago

can't say enough about the diversity of the many challenges. Had a great time.

3 months ago

Deserves its reputation. Amazing. Wife and I loved it. Plan for 6-7h. Bad knees or ankles? Skip it until you’re healed. Rocks can be brutal...go counterclockwise on the second loop to make the back side easier. Eat your packed lunch at Werner Point - no people and I thought the views were the best there. You might not see it on a map, but it’s clearly marked on the trail. Enjoy!

3 months ago

Ted lied!

Actually, we went the full 12 miles but it turned into about 14 with the spur hikes. The ridge hikes were easy but the ups and downs were treacherous and torturous. By the time we went up the last elevation my heart ripped open my lungs to find even one liter of air. The bones in my legs turned into a fluid alloy, and the hot steam ironed even my underwear. My stomach searched for even a few calories as the inner lining turned inside out to reveal nothing but emptiness.

The truth is, it was a great hike but strenuous just as we were seeking. All the numerous ravines. water falls, and overlooks made a tiring trip with the while. No, Ted didn't really lie, but the long hike is for the healthy.

3 months ago

Definitely lived up to the reputation of being a beautiful and difficult hike. Didn't make it to RP unfortunately, we had to keep pushing onward to get back to camp before sundown... Didn't make it. Luckily I had the foresight to turn my phone off to save battery for just this occasion. My wife's phone battery died just as we got within sight of a campfire. Needless to say, be prepared when you start because hiking the gizzard portion takes longer than you would expect. Aside from the hellacious terrain (accurately described by Lance before me) the sights are amazing. We are definitely going back but will leave camp early enough not to repeat. I'm thinking about running this trail at some point... Could hold a great race on this trail. I'm thinking about calling it the Tongue Torch Trail Marathon, sponsored in part by Zaxbys...

3 months ago

Ted is a liar. This is the worst pain I have felt since I passed a kidney stone. Imagine having someone using a hydraulic press to squeeze golf balls into the soles of your bare feet while balancing on a tight rope while climbing at a 45 degree angle for 700 feet. It's like that, but worse. The only relief you will feel is looking out over Raven's Point and the initial since that you have the ability to end your life if you choose. As we left RP, one of the guys in our group mentioned that it was "all down hill from here". 1 mile and 3 severe leg cramps later, we buried him on Dog Hole Loop in a shallow unmarked grave. We probably did him a favor since his severe dehydration was causing him to hallucinate. At least you can look forward to getting stuck behind all of the old ladies and toddlers who are there to see the pretty water falls on the way back. They have spent 30 minutes enjoying scenery while all you want to do is get off the 9 mile torture device and have one of your friends amputate your feet. I've never come so close to verbally assaulting a complete stranger. We did finally make it off the trail, and once our driver regained the feeling in his hands, we drove to our campsite. Of course, we stopped for fluids, because the 4 collective gallons we brought was evidently not enough, and promptly had every muscle in our bodies seize as we attempted to get out of our vehicle. The lone person who had use of his extremities was able to get some drinks and pour them into our gasping and foaming mouths. It was a great time. Can't wait to go back!

3 months ago

We hiked in through the Gizzard to Raven’s Point and then out on top of the ridge on Dog Hole. Pretty challenging hike for our group of five but definitely worth the work. You can do the loop in the other direction but then you have the toughest part of the hike when you’re tired. The views down in the Gizzard are worth the extra work required to cross the rock fields. An Eno in the trees at Raven’s Point and some food was just what we needed. Highly recommend! Have fun, stay safe!

Hey Lance....what do you think?

3 months ago

For an "uphill first" mentality, do this loop counter clockwise. Our group went clockwise.

East half: BEAUTIFUL, relatively easy. Would make for a rewarding, easy/moderate out-and-back to Raven's point.

West half: VERY ROCKY (1-2 ft rocks everywhere, many were jagged and unstable), hard to walk on, noticeably more difficult to find trail markers. Still had some neat views of rock formations towards the end, but plan on being really slowed down here. Would be *really* easy to twist an ankle on this side.

We started with the east side of the trail to Raven's point--it was beautiful, relatively well-marked, and the trail was pretty smooth. However, after hitting Raven's point, we took the west side of the trail (completing the loop) and it was full of huge somewhat jagged rocks. Walking on them was very difficult and required a bit of light climbing in some areas. For us it was even worse because the rocks were mossy and wet, making them very slippery, especially with muddy shoes. Lost the trail a few times, and service was a little patchy on that side, so download maps beforehand. We didn't plan on the slowdown from walking on the rocks and ended up getting back after dark because of it, which wasn't a giant deal--just wish I had done more research on how difficult the west side of the loop was!

4 months ago

Done this hike a few times now; it's my favorite hike near Nashville so far. There's not a lot of elevation gain but the rocky terrain makes it more difficult. I personally like taking this trail out and then the Dog Hole trail back from Raven's Point so you get to see two different trails in one hike. Be sure to keep an eye on the white trail markers b/c the trail isn't well-maintained or even distinctive at some points and I definitely wandered off the path a few times. The map you can pick up at the Cumberland State Park Visitor's Center isn't accurate at some points either so rely more on the markers; they're pretty frequent so you'll be able to follow them the whole way. The trail's usually pretty empty too which is nice.

No specialized hiking equipment is necessary for this trail (I only have tennis shoes so gotta make do with that) but boots or poles may be a good idea b/c the rocks. Also bring bug spray/a stick to knock down spider webs.

5 months ago

Ok. So this was an absolute monster of a trail, and very much so earned its' reputation as a top trail. It was beyond difficult though. I took my two dogs with me, a Husky and Carolina dog, and they handled the trail well. I would just warn anyone to be prepared for this beyond difficult trail, and to not wear tennis shoes as it will destroy your feet. Frankly, you need the support of hiking boots on this trail, so be smart. The view was absolutely gorgeous and absolutely worth it. Also, the trail is not super well marked, and the map is not exactly perfectly accurate. So just be careful, take your time, and bring lots of water.

5 months ago

Did this one a few weeks back. It was somewhere in the low 90's in July. So yeah, I became a sweat beast. The pint of rum the night before at the civilized camp at Foster probably didn't help the sweating issues. LoL.

I have to say that top 25 rating is well earned. I have never been so happy to scramble over rock in my life. It was like a choose your own adventure book, sponsored by rocks that couldn't make it into heaven.

I was in Nike running shoes (yeah, I know, I had to get rid of my Guide tennie because too much wear). Thankfully I'm good on rock, so no big deal.

I have never seen beautiful rock. Like, ever. Until now anyways. It's all worth it. The Gizzard lives up to its reputation and when you get to Raven's Point, you'll understand. I feel like the Point is a reward for completing the hard part of the Gizzard. The rest of the full trail, and this is according to one of the Rangers, is a long, kind of meh, 8 mile trek. I haven't done it yet, so I'll reserve judgment.

I will soon be doing the full trail, end to end, on a hot August weekend. I kind of want to do the 8 miles first and then test my mettle on the Gizzard, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Any Gizzard vets out there can feel free to message me on the lunacy implied by what I'm thinking of doing.

5 months ago

We followed everyone's suggestions and started at the north side of the trail very early and it was nice and cool temperature for the first 1/3 of the hike. It was a great loop- at the split I definitely suggest doing the easy part (dog trail) first out to ravens point and then coming back down by the river if you like walking on bowling ball-like rocks! Many waterfalls and such a great hike!

5 months ago

This was a full afternoon excursion. Definitely wouldn't want to go for it on a hotter day. A little something for everyone. Great views, waterfalls, and elevation changes! Once we got to the farthest point there were a few large trees down on the trail- we had to use common sense and the map to get back to the trail. Great work out!

6 months ago

Spent the day doing 10.1 miles! Was absolutely amazing and a great hike and workout

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