Fiery Gizzard - Grundy To Foster Falls

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Fiery Gizzard - Grundy To Foster Falls is a 11.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Tracy City, Tennessee that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking.

11.4 miles 2267 feet Point to Point





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This is a beautiful hike, there are several waterfalls and overlooks but be warned there are several steep gorges but that's not the difficult part.....a large portion of the trail between ravens point and the fiery gizzard trail head is nothing but rock fields, this makes for very slow and difficult hiking. We are a pretty adventurous couple and neither of us were having fun navigating these rocky "trails".
There is a guy named Troy that offers rides between the trail heads for $10. His number is posted at both trials heads but if you are like me and forget it you can call the park and they have it also.

We stared at foster falls and camped at small wilds.
This portion of the trail was a breeze, there are some waterfalls and scenic overlooks as soon as you leave the foster falls parking lot. It's only about 2.3 miles to small wilds. The small wilds camp area is nice, the spots are spread out and there is a small river nearby and a primitive out house if you need it. The next morning we headed out on our way to ravens point then out to the fiery gizzard trail head. The trail starts nice and easy before it takes an sharp turn off the side of the mountain and steeply descents in to a beautiful hemlock Forrest in the gorge. Probably should have turned around after the gorge and went back but we didn't.
After the ascent out of the gorge there are several miles of flat trail through the middle of the Forrest. This is actually a pretty morning section. Not a lot to see here. Then you go through a series of gorges with beautiful waterfalls. The trail even goes behind a waterfall at one point. This is a nice section of trail on the way to ravens point. Once you get to ravens point it's a .4 mile hike out to the overlook. We were already feeling the 7 miles we had just hiked so we dropped our packs and walked out to see the overlook. It's a nice overlooks. Would be beautiful in the fall. This would be a good place for a camping area but I was told the closed it down.
Back the to get out packs and continue the 4.5 miles to the grundy trail head. This is where is really started to suck. The trail starts down and quickly the trail disappears and you are navigating rock fields looking for white blazes. This is extremely slow and difficult hiking. I would guess we moved around .5 - maybe 1 mile and hour. And we are fairly fit and athletic people. At some point the trail meets the river and you go through a nice little wooded area. But honestly I don't remember the beauty because we were so sick of the dam rocks and ready for it to be over. Several hours later we finally reached the trailhead. Both miserable and hungry.

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Very exciting very very rugged lots of boulders lots of waterfalls long day of hiking

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Eeeeek, love this trail! I didn't do the whole thing because I wasn't set on hiking all the back to my car, and this was a day trip for me. There is a lot to see on this trail, and tons of swimming holes, rock formations, and well good ol hiking scenery. I think it can get a bit challenging from what I did but it was peaceful. Not many people once I got a couple of miles in, and eventually I was on my own. Just take some bug spray, and some grub!

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