Cardwell Mountain via Trail of Tears

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Cardwell Mountain via Trail of Tears is a 5.2 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near McMinnville, Tennessee that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from April until September.

5.2 miles
984 feet



nature trips




wild flowers

4 months ago

Really, three things stuck out. First, portions of the trail are very poorly marked. Second, the loop portion of the trail is poorly maintained. Third, a portion of the trail doubles as an ATV trail and was little more than deep, muddy ruts.

No thanks.

4 months ago

Definitely needs some TLC. If it wasn’t for this app, we would have gotten turned around multiple times. Also was a lot harder than most moderate trails I’ve been on. Nothing really to see during the hike either besides some rock formations unless you happen to get to see some animals.

4 months ago

Hard trail. Not maintained.

5 months ago

I did this trail on 1/27/2018. This trail is not maintained as well as it probably could be. The trail is marked well until you get up around Buzzards Roost Bluff and all the leaves start to obscure the trail. The blazes are either 2” x 6” pieces of metal hammered to the trees or white paint. The white paint is faded and will look like moss at times because the blazes are not as close to each other as they probably should be. There are several great rock formations in the area though. Watch your step while exploring off trail to prevent twisted ankles/knees because the leaves will pile up and it’s hard to see any holes or crevasses between rocks. I used my trekking poles to prod the area in front of me if I was unsure. A friend of mine recommended having your phone charged and this app available in case you’re unsure of the trail or you’ve lost it. The recorded trail on the app can guide you back when you lose it. I enjoyed seeing the historic entrance to Cumberland Caverns as well. Above all, it’s a good adventure if you’re seeking one and you’ve never been here.

6 months ago

Enjoyable hike. I hike often in many different areas and the the trail seems to be longer than 5mi. There is an issue with a large tree down and debris around the rocks at the back part of the loop . you have to go up and around the rocks. this is not clearly marked at this point and can be frustrating. the trail is marked very well in some areas and worn/faded markings in others. you cannot always see the next marker from where you are. That is my only complaint. it is a nice trail. good scenery. neat rock formations. worth the hike. cumberland caverns is great and worth the trip to see that as well.

7 months ago

Hiked this trail on a 23° icy snowy morning. Trail doesn’t look like it gets much use. It is well marked with white blazes and paint. Very interesting rock formations especially along the upper ridge of Cardwell.

9 months ago