Bridal Veil Falls Trail

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Bridal Veil Falls Trail is a 2 mile out and back trail located near Sewanee, Tennessee that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

2.0 miles
406 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly


nature trips





1 month ago

Nice hike. First mile is rocky but after that smooths out. Well marked. Park across the road.

2 months ago

It's an easy and beautiful hike

4 months ago

This was a good, short hike that was also a little challenging on the way back up. Good for kids. The trail was very rocky, and had some interesting sights along the way. The waterfall was hardy more than a trickle the day we went, but I can tell that it would be pretty soon after a rain.
There isn't much parking. The directions from previous reviews helped us find where to go. Once you park in the small gravel lot with the green gate, you will need to cross the road and go left. You can't see the trail head from the lot, but it is a very short walk and easy to see once you get close. Follow the perimeter trail until the bridge and go left.

5 months ago

Hike isn't hard but it is uphill all the way back. Almost 400' elevation gain in 1 mile. But the falls are beautiful if you go when it has been raining recently. Directions on this site are confusing. It isn't hard. You can access it two ways: Morgan’s Steep Rd: Off of South Carolina Ave, veer left on Morgan's Steep Rd and do not make the right on Clara's Point. At the overlook, just before the curve, you will find a very small gravel parking area on the left. Park there. Cross the road to the overlook and trail head marked Morgan's Steep. Facing the valley, there are steps to the left, and a trail marker showing Perimeter Trail to the right marked by blue blazes. You can take the steps to the bottom for some good pictures of the cliff and some nice rock formations. I recommend returning to the top for the hike to the falls. Once back to the top, follow Perimeter Trail about .1 mile to a small wooden bridge. Cross the bridge and take the immediate left marked Bridal Veil Trail and Falls. It is a downhill trail marked by white blazes. Closer to the falls, watch for the small trail sign, pointing left, that says “Falls.” Other route: Clara’s Point Road: Off of South Carolina Ave, veer left on Morgan’s Steep Road, then immediately right onto Clara’s Point. About halfway down, cross a bridge, watch for a fire hydrant and green gate on the right. Park there. Cross the road and walk back over the bridge. Trail head is on the right at a culvert. Trail sign says Perimeter Trail. This trail takes you to the same small wooden bridge as above.

6 months ago

Pleasant trail, nice scenery. It's pretty rocky in some spots and a walking stick is a great assist for the steeper parts

7 months ago

It wasn't too hard to park but the "parking lot" looks like someone's driveway, so there are dark green gates to keep you from parking further up the hill. The sign for the beginning of the trail actually says Perimeter Trail. Shortly after you start there is a small wooden bridge. The sign for Bridal Veil falls is right after the bridge. Cross over and cut back to the left. You are on the trail. You slowly work your way down which makes it easier at first but more tiring on the way back up. Lots of loose gravel in spots where you need to be careful. Being an older, less experienced hiker I took my time, particularly coming back up. I always use a hiking stick and I was glad I had it! Hiking shoes are a must! The waterfall was beautiful and I'm very glad I made the hike! There is apparently a way to go under some rocks and come out at the base of the falls. Some other hikers said it wasn't worth the trip so I punted. All in all, a nice hike and I would do it again!

8 months ago

Great short hike. Hard to find trail head, it is not marked at the parking area or even where you leave the road. To get to trail head you have to cross the road from small parking area and go back in 20 - 30 yards where you will find a small marker pointing out the trail. Cross the bridge and turn left and you are on the trail. White blaze. First couple hundred yards is uneven and rocky. After that the trail levels out untill you get close to the falls.
The falls in mid April are flowing well, in dryer weather the stream dries up completely.
The falls drop down into a large hole and disappears into a cave. l am told you can access the underground stream by going down a trail across from the falls and going down into a cave. I took their word on it, I was not prepared to spelunk but I'm sure it would be interesting.

9 months ago

This one was a bit tricky to locate as GPS wants to take you down Clara's Point Rd., which is a private, residential street that dead ends at a private driveway. If you continue further down Morgan's Steep Rd. not making the left on Clara's Point, you will find a very small gravel parking area on the opposite side of the road from the trailhead marked Morgan's Steep. There is no mention of Bridal Veil Falls until you read the map and it is an extension off the blue blazed trail known as Perimeter Trail, which goes for many miles. It is an amazingly beautiful area that I could spend many hours exploring!

9 months ago

I would have given it a 5star if there was parking available and no signs to show you to the trailhead. But if you are lucky enough to find it , it is so worth it. Be careful of the descent down as it is very rocky. Loved it though!!

10 months ago

Tougher than I expected.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

First, if you need to park you should Look for the lake Cheston, there is a large parking lot, from there you folllow the Perimeter trail for .03 Miles And than when you are by the road make left And Look on your right side for Perimeter trail. From there you Will see the Bridal Veil Falls sign, cross bridge And follow the sign. The falls Will be 0.7 Miles away. No Water the time i went maybe you should go more in a rainy season!

Monday, August 15, 2016

great trail , just need to have more parking , going down the trail is not take bad , coming back up its a great up hill work out .

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Love the falls when it's been raining or early in the year. When it's dry it's almost hard to recognize that it's the same place.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

You definitely need to look carefully or you will miss the sign to get to the falls. It was a good hike. A few steep stretches, but not bad. The view was worth it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Great short hike. Location of the falls is well marked if you come from Morgan's steep, however, the caves at the falls are not. You will have to go off the trail a bit to find them all, but they are there. The trailhead has a map with the locations of them all, be sure to take a pic of that before you hike down. Some parts of the cave are not safe to explore without rope gear.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Great falls, trails is pretty rocky

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Beautiful and fun hike, I had done over 8 miles that day so I didn't get to climb down in the falls as I needed to get back to pick up my son from school, but it was tempting! Will definitely do this one again, it's right by my house! LOVE living in Sewanee.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Great place to hike to as it is a beautiful place. A nice shady trail with enough ups and downs to give you and easy workout. Parking was a bit of a issue finding as the maps we found did not have the names of the roads with parking area. We parked Lake Cheston road and the trail began there with a hike around a nice little lake. Because of the lack of a good map telling you how exactly how to get to the area you need to be in it can be a little challenging to find. Lots of birds and squirrels.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nice. Finding parking was an issue. If you go there is a place by the overlook on Morgan's Steep with a space.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Great short day hike. Went early spring and the waterfall was full and looked great. Caves were a fun adventure as well.

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