Baskins Creek Trail

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Baskins Creek Trail is a 4.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

4.8 miles
1161 feet
Out & Back



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The waterfall is picturesque and well worth the difficult scramble required to reach the base. The access road ( Roaring Fork Nature Trail) is closed Dec 1 -Mar 31. However, the ending trailhead is located close to the start of the motor nature trail. One creek crossing on this hike could be a little tricky in very wet weather.

4 days ago

great trail, views of surrounding mountains, decent elevation change and the falls were pretty. Took a nice spill on the way back up and got treated to lunch by the two hikers i met .

15 days ago

Great hike for a view of recovery from fire. We hiked Baskins Creek Trail in December 2017 (one year after the fire), and we saw lots of Table Mountain Pine seedlings and regrowth of Mountain Laurel and Rhododendron; the fire has also uncovered lots of quartz, which looks like snow in contrast to the black burned areas. Two cemeteries to visit in this area: Baskins Creek Cemetery, which has a steep spur trail of less than 700 feet, and the Bales Cemetery, near the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail between stops #9 and #10. The highlight of this hike, however, is the Baskins Creek Falls, which also has a spur trail 1.4 miles from the trailhead. The spur trail requires a little scrambling down to the base of the falls.

1 month ago

Nice hike. Hike down to the falls wasn’t bad. The falls were beautiful and even better if you cross the water to get a different angle. The cemetery is worth the extra effort to go see. The hike out was a sustained up hill climb. Solid moderate difficulty. Overall a lot of different scenery and worth while.

2 months ago

This is a really solid moderate trail. I saw a different website rate the trail as Easy, but it should definitely be Moderate, as the incline coming all the way back to the trailhead is legit, though I was able to do it with a two year old backpacked to my back. The waterfall is beautiful and the trail wasn't busy at all. We went on a Friday morning around 9 and didn't see another person until we were almost all the way back.

2 months ago

Beautiful hiking, the snow made it so much more enchanting. No bear sighting. The falls were very nice after two days of rain. The climb out was not hard. There were a few slippery spots. There are two creek crossings. Three if you go to the cemetery. Very nice. Would love to see it in the spring.

4 months ago

This trail is a great option if you're driving the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. It has a lot of fire damage and an interesting variety of terrain. Incline on way back up from the falls is steep, but nothing my 71 year old mother couldn't handle. The falls are beautiful.

4 months ago

A great hike. One gets a good vantage of how the fire moved through. Hilltops burned completely, valleys only the understory. Yet nature persevered and the burned areas are already regrowing. The cemetery makes you think... The oldest legible gravestone had been there almost exactly 114 years. The falls were beautiful, it's unfortunate someone felt it necessary to write political graffiti on the wall nearby, hopefully nature will wash it away soon. The hike back is not easy, but worth it! Lightly traveled, only bumped into a few people while walking back. Would also make a good trail run!

4 months ago

Not for anyone with difficulty with ascents. The descent down to the falls isn't bad at all and the trail isn't especially rough, but the ascent back up the mountain isn't fun. There's some damage from the forest fires at the beginning, but even that holds its own kind of beauty. The falls are in a valley and feel very isolated- it's a beautiful setting!

4 months ago

First, I am not sure who rated this trail as moderate. It was a nice trail, but it was at a 45 degree incline almost the entire way back. Very tough for inexperienced hikers. This trail should be changed to a hard rating.
Now, the trail itself was clean. There was a lot of devastation along the trail due to the fires last year, but the vegetation has begun growing back. On the descent to the falls, there is a lot of green where the fires didn't reach. We did come across a mama bear and her cubs in the trees and a couple more bears along the trail. I would suggest you be alert and cautious if you try this trail. The falls were gorgeous and this trail is lightly trafficked. We ran into maybe 7-8 other hikers. This trail is definitely not for inexperienced hikers. I have posted pics of the trail.

5 months ago

Great family hike (done in May 2016), not very challenging even for newbies, though there are a few slippery spots to watch out for. We took a little side trail up to an old cemetery, though I don't know the conditions of this since the fires.

6 months ago

Wonderful hike. Waterfall was amazing and refreshing! Bring water shoes! The hike was shaded most of the way. Bring plenty of water. It is uphill after the falls. We added in a short hike to the cemetery at the top of another hill. We even missed the bear as we came out of the hike.

7 months ago

We hiked this trail this morning and it was beautiful and quiet. We hiked with a 2 and 4 year old and it was suitable for them (both were carried most of the way back.) We didn't see a single person until we were leaving the falls so we had a good time exploring the creek and waterfall. The hike back was pretty challenging since almost all of the uphill is on the way back from the waterfall (plus carrying children.) Overall a very good, low traffic trail.

7 months ago

Zero traffic. Very strenuous hike. Started from the Rainbow Falls side of Roaring Fork. The underbrush and trees are starting to try and grow again. There are two entrances to the Baskins Falls Trail.

8 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail! We saw, deer and plenty of birds! Stunning waterfall that you can shower under if you like! There were signs of wildflowers that were getting close to blooming (on April, 21st, 2017) but they were not quite ready. This trail was a hike with a lot of up hill and down hill so I definitely got a workout. Also, this trail was very quiet and peaceful! We were the only people on the trail the entire trip! The trail was everything I was looking for!

I purchased 'FalconGuides Hiking Great Smoky Mountains National Park - 2nd Edition' which gave me great directions to the trail and on the trail. And would highly recommend this book for people that are new to the area and not familiar with the hikes!

This could be my favorite trail. We hiked it April 11, 2017 which is probably 2-4 weeks too soon for the vastness of mountain laurel coverage I've seen on one trail. Going back just to see these beauties. Great falls. Enjoyed being the only two on this trail especially after just having walked Grotto with so many people. Apparent forest fire damage was unfortunate.

9 months ago

My family loves this hike. It's a nice, secluded trail down to a lovely falls. Be prepared for a moderate hike back up to the trailhead. It was sad to see the fire devastation at the top of the trail during this year's hike. Once you start descending down to the falls there is less fire damage and more lush green surroundings.

10 months ago

Great hiking trail, you really get to see the damage of the 2016 fire during the first mile or so. You immediately drop down into green brush following the creek until the descent to the falls. Loved it.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Did this trail early morning in late August with my wife and 2 year old on my back. Nice descent down to where the trail forks and we went down to the falls. Absolutely beautiful and we took a ton of pictures. Going back up is a good challenging workout. Be wary of the climate we started our hike and it was 65-70 degrees. By the time we returned to the car it was 90 degrees and very humid.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Nice short trail with small waterfall to enjoy. There is also a old cemetery that you can break off the the main trail to visit.

Family friendly
Lots of families as well as older couples along the trail

Saturday, October 01, 2016

I was disappointed with Baskins Creek. I'm not sure if the sign is wrong or the trail isn't marked correctly, but it was no where near 2.7 miles. It was not challenging at all either. I wouldn't do it again, unless I wanted to go trail run.

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