Baskins Creek Falls Trail to Greenbrier Cove

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Baskins Creek Falls Trail to Greenbrier Cove is a 9.8 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Gatlinburg, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

Distance: 9.8 miles Elevation Gain: 1,837 feet Route Type: Point to Point


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2 months ago

Hiked last year. Hike back up is memorable. Pace yourself.

35-50 degrees, overcast, some rock hopping.

Fairly easy hike down to the falls, until you have to head back up! Just a bit off of the trail head, you will enter an area that the wildfires had passed through a few years back. While the undergrowth is thriving, there is still lots of evidence of the fires. Pine seedlings are sprouting up all over, so this area should look drastically different in 10-15 years. This burned area continues for about a 1/4 if the trail. Once you start to descend down towards the falls you enter forest that has not been affected by the fires. The last bit of trail requires some careful footing as you work down some steep rocks, nothing too extreme, but could be tricky if wet. The two stage Baskins falls are beautiful. Pack a snack or lunch to enjoy down at the falls because you will need some energy heading back! The climb back has a steady incline. All in all a great hike with a wonderful waterfall that makes you pay on the return trip!

10 months ago

Awesome trail!

11 months ago

It is very slick getting down to the waterfall especially during a wet spell. Easy trail going to the fall but can be a butt kicking coming back. Well worth the short steephike thou. Very quiet area. There is also a cemetary there as well. Ran across some wild turkeys, deers and a bear encounter.

Wed Feb 20 2019

I wouldn’t consider this a difficult trail in the technical sense. There are a few creek crossings that will take some intentional foot placement as well as the decent to the waterfall. It’s steep, rocky and can be a little slippery if it’s rained recently. There are lots of trees down and some of them you will have to go off trail ( not far) to get around. My fiancé and I went on a Monday and we didn’t see anyone else on the entire trail. There are only a few markings but it would be really difficult to get lost since the trail is quite evident. Stamina speaking, you better get your boots laced up tight. 90% of the trail back is uphill. I’m not in the best of shape but I am active. It was quite the workout but if that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll be in the right place. The waterfall is awesome but even better, there is a graveyard that has tombstones from the early 1900s. These make the whole trail worth walking.

Fri Apr 27 2018

Such a beautiful falls! We loved the reward at the end. But the hike back is treacherous! ( went went after a wet spell which made it very muddy and strenuous). You hike down to get there and up on the way back. But it’s worth it if your in the proper shape to get back. If your not in good physical shape this isn’t a good one to take. The walk back will leave you worn and torn.

Sun Apr 02 2017

By far the worse fire damage we have found on a trail. It will be one to do again in a year ago to see how the trees recover.

Sat Dec 17 2016

Hiked this trail Mid-June 2016, was well worth the effort of making the hike back! On the return my wife and I came across 2 huge wild turkeys and had the opportunity to see a black bear foraging in the distance. Get started early and take a nice break once you get to the falls, the first mile on your way back is very much uphill! I would definitely Mae this hike again and again!!

Fri Jul 01 2016

Absolutely amazing! Well worth the journey to get to such a beautiful waterfall. You can actually get into the waterfall if you so desire. Definitely a must see for all!

Tue May 17 2016

Beautiful hike. It was our first time hiking and we enjoyed it. The waterfall was amazing. You can even go stand by the waterfall. Certainly worth it.

Thu Apr 14 2016

April 3, 2016 - Very nice hike to a beautiful waterfall. Lightly traveled trail, very peaceful. Downhill 75% of the way in, pretty tough on the way back out. The incline is relentless. I carried our 3.5 year old in a pack and was challenged. Falls are 1.6 miles from the Baskins Creek trailhead, so it's about a 3.2 mile out and back. If the Nature Trail hate is closed, add .5 walk to the trailhead. Seems like the crowds all stop at Rainbow Falls, Trillium Gap and Grotto Falls trailheads.

Tue Mar 22 2016

Nice waterfall, a bit challenging on the return hike for my 8 year old, closer to moderate than it is to easy.

Fri Oct 16 2015

Wonderful hike to start our weekend. Hike included vistas, caves, waterfalls. It was 3 miles round trip with the return hike being a bit more challenging. Will definitely hike this trail again.

Wed Sep 09 2015

I hiked the back section of this trail to the falls to avoid the long uphill climb back out from the falls if you do it from the front side (closest to the beginning of the Roaring Fork Nature Motorway). Taking the route from the other side of the trail reduces, but does not eliminate the climb back out from the falls. The distance to the falls from either trailhead is about the same. Be careful on the steep and slippery spur trail that takes you to Baskins Creek Falls. The falls are gorgeous, and are best viewed in the spring time when there is a higher flow of water over them. The benefit of going in the summer, is that you can easily rock hop to the other side of the creek to get a better view of the falls. That is not allows possible in the when the water is higher.

Sun Jul 19 2015

Hiked this trail today for the first time and liked it. Not many other hikers but the heat and humidity probably kept some away. There are some pretty steep climbs so I'm more inclined to rate it a Moderate instead of Easy but it's very doable. We got a little surprise from Mama Bear who was comfortably resting in the middle of the trail about a half mile from the 2nd road trailhead. She backed us about 15 minutes but we still managed to escape the downpour barely.

Wed Jun 17 2015

very tough out and back hike if you start at the first trail head before Grotto Falls. It's a steep drop from the beginning and if you go out and back, the return hike is all uphill so save some energy for that. The cemetery was cool and our return from the falls was stalled for about 30 minutes while a black bear SAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TRAIL eating about a mile from the trail head. Would have been nice except it was around a blind curve and we didn't see him until we were 25 feet away. Backed up and took a rest without incident :)

Mon Jan 05 2015

Hiked to the falls over New Years during a light rain & snow. We did not see one other person on the hike. The falls were better than expected.

Thu Sep 11 2014

We have hiked to the falls from both sides. It will take a little longer to get out that it did to get in, so plan for that in your timing. Not very crowded at all.

Sun Jun 08 2014

We enjoyed this trail as it was more secluded than most. When you reach the waterfall, there is an area to the right that you can climb up for a great photo shoot as well as the large rock where we are seated. There is also more to the hike is you want to see the old cemetery. It borders on strenuous up to the cemetery.

Thu Apr 17 2014

A fun, short hike with a nice little waterfall at the end. It's not very popular, so the crowds are small. I think my group only encountered one or two other groups on the way there and back. As others have noted, the way out can be strenuous. Be sure to save some water and factor into your plans that it might take twice as long to get out as it did to get in.

Sun Dec 08 2013

That picture is on grapeyard ridge trail.

Tue Nov 05 2013

Not a bad hike. Went in late October and the leaves were awesome! the falls aren't the most spectacular thing to see but for a short hike they're cool. Beware of the all uphill hike back though.

Wed Oct 30 2013

Relatively new to hiking and thought this was a good hike. my legs are alittle sore but it feels good...Very pretty falls and the trail was not rocky, not alot of people on the trail as well. there are 2 entrances and we took the second one. not sure which is tougher but about the same distance.

Fri Sep 20 2013

Great hike overall and the falls are beautiful. The trail does get a little steep in some places particularly on the way back from the falls. There is also a very interesting 1800s era cemetery along the route. It's a little difficult to climb down to the falls which are a bit off the trail, but the view is well worth it.

Thu Aug 08 2013

Great trail for a short but moderately difficult hike. Falls were pretty and the trail was well kept. The biggest challenge is the uphill climb back out.

Sat Jun 22 2013

Nice 3 mile hike round trip to the falls. Mostly down hill to the falls but that means its all uphill coming back.

Tue Jun 11 2013

Gorgeous hike. Definitely not easy to locate if you're not looking for it. Also loved the seclusion. Went on a weekend and still only came across a few making the hike. Also ran into a lot of wildlife and even a Bear at the Baskin Cemetery. The falls were more than I expected and was well worth dealing with the heat and the bees along the way. The hike out is also quite strenuous. I would say the trailhead after the #9 maker is the easiest way in and out. Plus a nice view of an old homestead across from that entrance.

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