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Amber's Den Ridge Trail is a 4.7 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Sparta, Tennessee that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from January until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.7 miles Elevation Gain: 337 feet Route Type: Loop

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This trail can be hard to navigate. Follow AllTrails and make sure you are on the correct path. The trailhead is comprised of two posts, red and blue. There are metal reflective blazes and rock cairns where the trail starts. FOLLOW THE BLAZES (there are many small trails at the trailhead) through the old logging road (~1 miles). Next, turn left to overlook a waterfall. Keep going, when you start ascending the mountain, you're getting close. Make sure to keep RIGHT at the sign that says Amber's Den Ridge Trail; DO NOT go left to "Amber's Den". Go straight across the gravel road through the red gate. The overlook comes 400 feet from here. You can take the gravel road back to the start OR come back the same way you came. This trail is located inside a Wildlife Management Area. Area is generally closed during big game season.

over grown
1 hour ago

Probably would have been an amazing trail however it’s so overgrown and has so many trees and brush down you can hardly find the trail. I was hiking alone the day I was going to attempt and turned back after a little under a mile because the trail was pretty much. In existent

3 months ago

Just had the most amazing hike here!

9 months ago

Really enjoyed the trail through the woods and along the creek. Creek was dry today, because of lack of rain lately. Did not enjoy the last leg of the trail, as it was down a gravel road for nearly 1.5+ miles. Should have turned back and traveled back through the woods. Trail was we'll marked.

over grown
washed out
Sat Jun 22 2019

Tue Jun 04 2019

Amber's den trail is hard to find. I would recommend driving to Welches point and starting there. when looking for Amber's den walk towards the trail head and you will see a brown sign with an arrow that seems to be pointing down a logging road. THIS IS NOT THE TRAIL. Go beyond the sign (a bit to the left and straight) and you will see a trail sign and a orange trail marker with a hiker silhouette. Amber's den was dry, I could see it being MUCH nicer after a heavy rain. About halfway through you will pop out on the road you drive into Welches point on. The last 2 miles are literally walking the gravel road or you can do an out back and back on the wooded trail. The views you see in the pictures are of Welches point there isn't really any secondary views on the trail. It was just okay, drove two hours one way. Welches point was awesome though made the trip worth it.

Sat Apr 13 2019

I loved this trail. I got lost the first time but after finding the way I’ve been back several times. The overlook is amazing. The kids loved it, the dogs were happy, it’s one of my favorites.

off trail
over grown
Tue Mar 12 2019

DO NOT HIKE THIS TRAIL!!!! The trail is not marked besides the sign at the parking area. What appears to be the trail is nothing but a bush hogged wide road. You have no clue which way to go and after hiking for 2 miles we ended up on a dirt logging road. I am very disappointed after driving 2 hours with my wife and son. It was a very big disappointment and this app didn’t help either with the map.

Mon Oct 22 2018

Don’t go during hunting season! Had planned to hike from the trailhead to Welch’s Point and back. Closed for hunting events. Soooo we heeded the warnings. Parked and did the short trek to Welch’s. Plan B - back to Virgin Falls trailhead. Did a 5 mile loop out to Martha’s Pretty Point. ‘‘Twas a great great day!

Thu Sep 20 2018

Started the "trail" by Welch's Overlook and hiked down toward the river. Beware: THIS IS NOT A LOOP! Nor is it a real trail... it's an abandoned gravel road in extremely bad shape. Deep ruts and loose gravel along the steepest sections make things challenging, not moderate. The trail effectively ends at the river because the rest is either totally overgrown or washed was hard to tell which. (Met a local on our way back who said it hasn't been a loop in years.) Also, either Amber's Den is along the inaccessible part or it's gone. Never saw it. On the positive side, the calm water made for a great place to swim and cool off. Overall the lack of scenery meant it wasn't worth the energy.

Sun Aug 12 2018

Not recommend. This wasn’t a trail, it was a road. A road that wasn’t kept up. Tons of brush. Not marked at all. “Amber’s Den?” — would love to find this mythical place. It was a mile down which means a mile up. With a family of five that would’ve been good to know. Not real moderate.

Sat Jul 21 2018

Welch’s Point is worth the trip all on its own. Enjoyed the hike though not all that well marked. After reading reviews on here I drove all the way to the parking area for Welch’s Overlook and hiked back to Ambers Den. Some nice rock formations, spur trails and although it’s a little hard to find Ambers Den is a hidden gem. The loop is an option if you just want the added distance but the extra is on a road. Josh S. I believe you and a few more did what I almost did, by taking the old road which meanders (steeply) down to the river in the base of the gulf...that is not the trail (or a loop for that matter)! The arrow on the tree almost appears to point down the logging trail you took, but if you continue straight (even bear slight left at that arrow) you will find yourself on the trail to Amber's Den.

Fri Jul 06 2018

Sadly, I read the comments here and didn't make it to the den. Please, please, drive all the way to the Welch's Point overlook. You'll see the posting for the Amber's Den Trail to your left. You can start the trail there. Note, when you get to the creek, I'd recommend turning around and hiking back the way you came otherwise you will need to walk on the road back to the parking area.

Thu Jun 07 2018

Nice trail, there weren't any other hikers on the Saturday we went. The Virgin Trails trailhead was slammed, probably 20 other vehicles were parked there. We finally saw other people once we made it to Welchs point, since you can drive to it.

Wed May 02 2018

The trail wasn’t that exciting, but it was fun. It’s pretty once you get around the water. The view from Welch’s Point is definitely the highlight of the trail!

Mon Mar 19 2018

it is a trail that is very well marked and it would almost be impossible to get lost. The Welch's Point Overlook is an unbelievable view of Scott's Gulf. Interesting variety of scenery!

Sat Feb 24 2018

Me and my friend went today! Gorgeous falls, gorgeous overlook, but the trails could have been marked better. We ended up getting lost twice, but finally made our way back!

Fri Feb 23 2018

Seriously in my top 3 most beautiful hiking trails, including the Twin Arches in Savage Gulf and Virgin Falls. The entire route is interesting and amazingly gorgeous, with rock formations galore, several creeks, and all the little waterfalls your heart can imagine. The overlooks are breath-taking!!! I would recommend turning around and going back the same way after making it to Welch's Point, which is about 2.5 miles in. The last stretch puts you out on the gravel road, and that is what makes the loop back to the trailhead. That part is nothing to get excited about, but the overall experience is still fantastic!

Thu Jan 18 2018

Easy hike. Adequately marked. A lot of the "trail" is actually on road and uninspiring. A short pretty forest section at about 1.2 miles is the exception. The big payoff is Welch's point which is as beautiful as advertised. Never found Amber's "den". There is a sign indicating the direction (this is about 2.2 mi in) and 1.1 mile distance to Amber's Den near Welch's Pt. I took this fork in the woods and after 1.4 miles ended up on the banks of the Caney Fork. Pretty, but not what I was looking for. Virgin Falls definitely the better option if looking to hike in this area.

Wed Oct 18 2017

Beautiful Hike! A little tricky to navigate, but just keep you head up and you'll be fine :) Trail head is two post one with red and one with blue. After 1-1.5 mile you'll see a sign to turn left and a rock cairn. Then look for the little orange hiking men blazes on the trees to your left. Stay aware the entire time and you won't get lost.

Tue Sep 19 2017

Beautiful area and hike !

Sat Sep 16 2017

Not a bad hike overall, nice and pretty easy with a reward at the end. I wouldn't rate it as moderate though. Trail is easy to follow, just look for the orange metal markers, signs, as well as the rock cairns that some hikers have built. There was also some pink ribbon tied to some trees, and fallen branches some people have to moved to line the trail to help mark it. Its definitely worth it to walk back down the gravel road at least once, that's where you'll find the cemetery, and it's different scenery than the "trail" trail.

Tue Sep 05 2017

Great trial, the last half of the loop from the overlook to the parking area is a gravel road that you can simply drive up to the overlook. Otherwise a good trip.

Sun Aug 06 2017

Did this today with my boyfriend. It was easy to find via Google Maps. The trail head was marked by a gate with red and blue on it. There wasn't much for parking at the trail head so we just parked at the gate, directly in front of it. If it wasn't for AllTrails app, we would have for sure gotten lost as this trail wasn't clearly marked all of the way through, though there were very occasional markers of a hiker on an orange circle. Some parts were super easy, some parts were on the strenuous side. Some were quite steep, with a few big assents. To be honest, we're both in our early 30s, over weight, and inexperienced in regards to hiking. We got out of breath a few times but it was all doable, fun, and I never once felt like I couldn't handle it. The first vista is okay. Great view but not a big opening. The second one, however, is quite grand. Almost breath taking. The second vista can be assessed via a gravel road, so a few people drove up while we were there, but as far as the trail goes we only saw one other hiker the entire time. The worst part to me was the gravel road you walk down after the second vista. It was hot, and boring. 5/5. Good practice for future hikes.

Mon Jul 31 2017

This is an awesome trail to hike, very low traffic and the overlook at the end is quite amazing. The trail leading up to the overlook is also a joy, nothing too difficult, although it does get narrow in some places. Lots of spider webs, used a stick to help break it up. Started the hike at 9am, bugs didn't get bad until around 11a. Saw a couple turkey along the way. At the overlook we came upon a rattlesnake so be aware of that. Only reason this gets a 4/5 is because there is a tight right turn in the trail at about 2.5 that isn't very well marked. We ended up following an ATV trail for an extra mile or so before realizing our mistake. Just know that the entire trail from beginning to the overlook is marked with little hikers pinned to trees. If you no longer see the hikers, you are no longer on the trail. Once we backtracked and found the markers, we were good to go for the rest of the hike.

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