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Palmetto Trail is a 14.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Pomaria, South Carolina that features a river and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 14.5 miles Elevation Gain: 298 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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12 days ago

Very well maintained trail. Beautiful scenery as well. This was a slightly boring run from what I am used to when trail running. It is flat and straight (like a railroad should be), and is the only reason I don’t give it 5 stars. Other than that, excellent trail & run.

over grown
4 months ago

I’ve done this trail several times but when I went today it was pretty over grown so therefore there were tons of bugs. We went later in the day so there was no one there which was pretty nice! My favorite part by far is the bridge. You get stunning views of the river.

6 months ago

Good outing, wide and flat trail. Most importantly if you plan to park on the peak side-the directions to the Alston trailhead will bring you to a bridge outage and detour on hwy 213, with a 45 min detour if you go by a navigation app. As an alternate, the Peak Pharmacy has access to the train trellis and Alston trailhead. Navigate to there and save the drive around until the bridge repair is done.

8 months ago

I did the full Peak to Prosperity Trail (and back) this weekend. It was just under 11 miles each way. If you are wanting to stage a car at the Prosperity end, there is a small parking area about a mile short of the end of the trail, at the intersection of the trail and State Road S-36-164 (west corner), near the Mid Carolina (Golf) Club. The driveway is just NNW of the bridge over the trail. There is currently a large tree fallen over the trail maybe 100 yards from the end. There were a fair number of people on the trail, especially later in the day. Mostly hikers, campers, and few cyclists.

8 months ago

I usually hike in the mountains and was looking forward to a good long leg-stretcher on flat ground. This hike was perfect. First thing was I was amazed at how much time I could make on flat ground, especially when I crossed Hope Station Rd in about 75 minutes, which is quite fast for me. Second, the amount of wildlife is amazing. Tons of squirrels and birds, heard hawks screeching overhead, lots of small things skittering off to my side. A Great Blue Heron right after I turned around to walk back. I hiked from Allston, past Pomaria for another mile or so, or a little past where the app goes, so about 15 miles in total. Turned around at the trestle just past a picnic/camping area on the trail and saw the heron in the stream to to left. It was a warm day for February but being a weekday I ran into a pair of cyclists who went by in each direction and then a guy and his dog past Pomaria. A few people have mentioned the gravel from the rail bed but that didn't bother me much. Between mulch over some stretches, leaf and pine needle cover in others and a good pair of boots I found that a non-issue. I'm looking forward to doing the remaining stretch of this to Prosperity when I need another long leg-stretcher. Highly recommend this trail for a change of pace.

11 months ago

Started a 10 mile out and back at Alston Trailhead near the Peak Pharmacy. Wide trail, not technically difficult, flat with numerous bridge crossings. Boardwalk in good shape with a few areas in need of repair; do watch your feet on the bridges. Past peak leaf season today but still very pretty. Next year will try to come a few weeks earlier. Consider stopping at George's Grocery(around mile 6.5 from the start) if you need some refreshment. Watched some YouTube video before going and they are spot on.

Mon Sep 10 2018

Beautiful, straightforward hike. Little to no change in elevation. Tons of spiders, but overall a nice, easy day hike. The bridge is the best part!

Wed Sep 05 2018

Nice walk. Pretty view of the river.

Wed Aug 22 2018

Nice and easy flat trail Did .7 in/out on the prosperity peak trail. Very heavy mosquito population so bring the bug spray! Great little hour hike for me and the 30lb ergo held 18 month old.

mountain biking
Fri May 18 2018

fine 15 mile nature ride. wild life. flat grade. good canopy. super quiet and not very trafficked. def will be back when i need a couple hours of quiet riding.

Fri Nov 03 2017

Nice hike with relatively flat grade. Great bridge across Broad River at Peak. Standing in the middle of this bridge over the Broad River is quite possibly worth the trip alone. The aggregate rock of a railroad bed is ever present. Wear good hiking boots if you venture up the trail towards Pomaria.

Sun Aug 27 2017

Awesome trail.

Wed Jul 05 2017

Pros: The first trestle over the river was awesome. Some of the other trestles and old buildings were pretty neat too. It was a very peaceful hike, only seeing 4 other people on the entire trail. A lot of good historical information too. Cons: The rocks were difficult to hike on and many times were unsteady. The first 6.5 miles seemed better kept than the remaining 4.3. Some of the trestles were in disrepair and had many soft boards and holes. The trail just ends at 10.8 you either have to be picked up at mile 6.5 or hike all the way back...which makes for a long day. The number of spiderwebs on the trail was ridiculous as were the number of ticks (around 25-30 total) I picked off myself and my dog (neither one of us left the trail either!) I probably will not hike this trail again, or if I do, will only hike the first 2-3 mile, after that, it doesn't offer anything really different to see.

mountain biking
Thu Mar 23 2017

We are wanting to bike the full 10.8 miles from Peak to Prosperity but the 10.8 mile mark appears to be in an area with no access. Any information? WE would like to stage a vehicle.

Sun Mar 05 2017

Beautiful trails. My new favorite place!

Sat Oct 01 2016

Nice easy trail for a day hike. The old railroad bridge is cool and the river is always beautiful.

Sun Aug 14 2016

Nice scenic ride but I couldn't find the entire trail, there seems to be more. I'd love to learn more about the trail if anyone has any suggestions.

Sun Jun 19 2016

Easy trail, not very long. Nice scenery

Sat Apr 09 2016

Pros: The view from the bridge is beautiful. The smell of cedar The river near Nathan's trestle Cons: The rockiness of the path was my least favorite part but it was manageable.

Sun Mar 20 2016

Great trail to walk with the dogs! We did 5+ miles.

cross country skiing
Mon Jan 18 2016

Nice peaceful walk, very basic straight path over nice scenic rivers. Low incline and terrain is loose gravel/dirt and grass. I enjoy this trail a lot

Sun Dec 13 2015

Flat, well maintained in spite of recent flood. Good signage. Surface is predominately packed earth and grass with very short sections of large gravel. Six miles from Alston to Pomaria. Good for a casual stroll close to home. The train history and local economic impact is interesting. Tree stands and gun shots close to trail unnerving. Probably not the best choice in deer season.

Fri Dec 11 2015

Solid trail. As stated, it is an old rail with some pretty cool information along the trail pertaining to the Civil War and the various eras. Very, very straight and wide so if you are looking for a trail with switchbacks and technicality, you may not like this one. Also, both sides of the trail along approximately half a mile of it is owned by a hunting club and you can see multiple stands. That kind of me made uncomfortable while running out there by myself during deer season. Just be vigilant!

Sun Jul 26 2015

Did this trail on the day it opened. It's nice BUT it's difficult walking constantly in those large stones. 3 of us women ended up with pain from hip to ankle . Will never do it again. It's flat but you can't walk on the path all the time

Fri Jan 02 2015

**Note - my hike was an out-and-back trip from the Alston to Pomaria trailheads; the distance reflected is one way between those two points. The complete trail extends approximately 4 more miles to the west** A part of the Palmetto Trail, the Peak to Prosperity Passage is a rails-to-trails project that offers an easily accessible and interesting hike through a midlands forest. The trail is open to hikers and off-road cyclists. The prominent feature of the trail is the many former railroad trestles that carry the hiker over rivers, creeks and swampy areas. Informational kiosks are strategically located along the trail, revealing the history of the rail line. A talking guide is also available by use of your cell phone and QR codes located on rail side signage. The terrain is more or less flat, as the trail was graded for railroad purposes. The hiker can view locations where work crews bisected hills, filled gullies and created causeways across swampy areas for laying the railroad bed. The campsite located 1.5 miles east of the Pomaria trailhead was an unexpected treat; fire rings, picnic tables, a sump tube, bear bag food cable and nearby flowing water are amenities available to campers utilizing this primitive site. Hikers should be aware that long stretches of the trail are on bare gravel; take this in to consideration when choosing your foot gear for this hike. Also, be aware of hunting activity along the trail during deer season. Numerous deer hunting stands overlook the trail from adjacent, private property. In all, I thought this was a pleasant hike and one I am glad I took. However, the trail became monotonous as the miles passed and this is one segment I am unlikely to repeat, resulting in my rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

mountain biking
Fri Jan 11 2013

The overview is wrong about this trail. It's 10.8 miles one way from Peak to Prosperity. A map and trail/trail head description is listed below. But as far as a review, it's a great trail, easy walk, wear boots, or have sturdy, wide tires on a mountain bike. Be sure to stop and get a beer and burger in Pomeria; we did, the beer was cold and the burger was large and delicious. It's a lovely treat and a great value!

Sun Nov 18 2012

Go to the Alston Trailhead in Peak,SC . Just over the Broad River bridge you will see the turn in to the trailhead. Camping right there is available before you go over the walking bridge(part of the trail but used to be for R.R.) See where Sherman and his army burned down the old bridge...the cement structures are still in the water and can be seen from the bridge. The trail itself is wide and long and boring. Me and the wife found a Geocache at one of the street crossings....some wildlife in the area and the only reason it gets three stars is because the area has the best Smallmouth fishing in the state. Kayaking loads of fun but the trail, which Im rating here, is boring.....

5 days ago

25 days ago

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