Warner Trail

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Warner Trail is a 30 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Cumberland, Rhode Island that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for mountain biking.

30.0 miles

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Sunday, June 05, 2016

I started from High Rock in the Gilbert Hills state forest and finished at Diamond hill in Cumerland.
All the maps necessary for this hike can be found at http://warnertrail.org/. There is also a guidebook on there too, from 2009 that helps out alot and I would highly recommend printing it out!
Gilbert Hills to Diamond hill was about an 18mile hike. It took me approximately 7.5 hours to complete this section of the trail. The trail was flat for the most part, with a few climbs up a couple small peaks. The trail is very easy to follow in Gilbert hills and continues to be well marked after that, untill you get near the wrentham senior center near and throughout the Wrentham State Forest after that. The trail markers vanished, and I had to pull out my compass to know which direction to travel. On beach street it says to follow the trail where residents store fire wood, but I could not find it and ended up cutting through someones driveway near 170 beach street to get on a trail which ended up being the right one!
After you exit the Wrentham state forest the trail becomes well marked again. On Burnt swap road just keep walking till you see a camp ground and then youll see the trail markers again about 50 yards past the campground. After that its straight foreward to Diamond Hill and the end of you trekk! Goodluck!!

Monday, November 02, 2015

This is a delightful trail starting in Sharon MA and ending in Cumberland RI. It is 30 miles long and passes through a wide variety of habitats, some town forests, state forest, Audubon wildlife sanctuary suburban backyards. Some walking on streets, but mostly woods. It has some nice vistas at some locations. It crosses roads often enough so that it is easy to do in segments, either one car 'out and back' or using 2 cars to hike the segments one way. My wife and I spent consecutive weekends one summer hiking the trail, picking up where we left off the week before, looking forward to the next adventure. Living in the area it was fun to have the trail pop out in familiar areas. Some segments are relatively remote while others go through more populated areas.

Most areas are well marked, but there are some areas that are not and can be confusing. I highly recommend downloading the PDF Guidebook from warnertrail.org. This lists all the cross streets which helps with planning. Although a little confusing at times, it is really helpful in getting through some of trickier areas. Difficulty of hiking is generally easy to moderate. Have fun.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Today, I took the segment of the trail starting at the Diamond Hill park, to the Diamond Hill Reservoir. This is not a long walk, but, given the number of steep ascents, it is pretty demanding. There is also a certain amount of challenge in following the trail, given that it hairpins at one point. That was so counterintuitive that I missed it, and ended up spending some grueling time on a steep ascent. It did have what looked like the trail markers, and led to a fairly impressive outlook. It may even have been part of the trail at some time. However, it was an exhausting waste of time. Later, you will still have problems because the trail is still not clearly marked in a stretch that has a lot of little side trails.

Really, I don't know why people use white plastic circles for trail markers; they're the hardest to spot.

You never do get past the noise of traffic, and have to go through a stretch through a condo development. (Ugh!)

Next step, taking the Hancock Road segment through to the Reservoir. Maybe that will be better.