4.2 miles
298 feet

dogs on leash


nature trips

trail running



1 month ago

Myself and two others hiked this trail yesterday (ages 29 to 39). We started at Kings Factory Rd and followed the trail indicated by the red line on this app. Including the 4 five minute breaks, it took us 2.5 hours, we were in no way in a hurry. It rained (1-2 inches or so) the day before so there were areas we had to make our own trail around the standing water on the trail, luckily it was a minor effort (I wore sneakers and it was no big deal). The weather was around 60 degrees and windy, many leaves covered the trail. The orange surveyors tape on the trees (to mark parts of the trail) are faded and in some places far apart (100 feet or so). Other trails do cross this trail, I found this app to be VERY helpful to verify we were on the correct trail and to give us an idea of how much was left (I use ATT cell service, I had reception the whole time). Many little creeks to observe. I also measured this trail using the app “GPS Tracks” I measured a little over 4.6 miles. I enjoyed this trail a lot and very strongly suggest it.