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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Pulling into the Parking Lot, you'd note that snowmobiling is highlighted, and probably occurs in addition to some pretty good sledding down a main face with a slope of probably a bit more than 150' given that my trek was about a 200' elevation change, on both sides of the street, where I was parked. There is also a nice "warm up," shed for folks in the winter if cross country, sledding, or snowmobiling is your thing.

At first I had trouble getting my bearings as much of the original roadside trail does not appear to have been kept up. I'm guessing the old road side trail proceeded under the power lines, but that's clearly overgrown.

So, I began with the Canyon's Edge Trail (I think I've been calling it Cliff's Edge) just across the street. Perhaps less than a mile loop, I found it to be a delightful trail, but watch out for old growth. I literally saw a huge (green) branch falling about 100 yards from my location. I believe this area must be gorgeous in the fall, especially as the Canyon's Youghiogheny River, comes into view, directly across from where the gorgeous Laurel Highlands South Trail overlook also views it.

I found the biggest surprise of Sugarloaf trail was trying to find it. I just climbed the hill where I was rather certain (given a rope lining trees on the right) sledding folks must bask in the winter. When you reach the top of the wide, and well-cared for grassy hill levels out, look for the signs at the right for cross-country skiing. From what I could tell, a person could follow this ski trail in several directions. I wasn't into a long walk today so I sort of scouted out the trail.

On returning back down towards Ohiopyle, there is another lovely overlook on the right, which adjoins Baughman Trail. I felt it was well worth the stop -- I love good views, and that was gorgeous.