Photos of Old Tram and Duncan Loop Trails

14.5 miles
1,873 feet

dogs on leash





Tuesday, May 23, 2017

As I approached the SP a road was closed so I dropped into the office to double check with parking, alternate road and this trail... also picked up a map. Three people in the office had no clue of this loop trail... just something that was made up and entered here because there's tons of trails in the area.
Luckily I spoke with a trail runner in the parking lot that gave me a few tips and alternate suggestions in case I wanted to change this up.

My loop started with Overlook Trail to the pipeline and headed east on Old Tram Trail. Old Tram Trail is grown in and not traveled much with a high volume of ticks. I then headed south on the Mid State Trail which then ran into Bake Oven and back to the parking lot. Total was 7.5 miles.

The trails are blazed pretty good but there's so many of them clustered together with junctions that you must be able to read a map/compass very well and have you compass readily available. Some trails you run into are not on the maps.
Overall, there's a lot of great views there. If you're unfamiliar with the area, you may want to create a smaller loop or try the out and back trails first.