Photos of Braille Trail Loop

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42 feet

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4 months ago

A short, but lovely trail. The Braille Trail was created in 1970 for the visually impaired. In 1987 it was rededicated to all. Across from the Latodami Nature Center, the Braille Trail is just off to the side of Brown Road with a small parking area.

Along the way are 27 QR codes you can scan with your mobile device that link to locally made YouTube videos that discuss the various plants and animals that live in the forest where the trail is. The scenery is beautiful and it's super quiet, aside from the expected sounds of birds and other wildlife. Unlike other local trails near a roadway, the Braille Trail offers up as close to zero suburban noise as you're going to find.

There are benches that dot the trail as well as a footbridge or two. The trail is nice and wide and not hard to navigate at all. It is at its muddiest at the very beginning, but it's not a large section and easily avoidable at the sides. If you walk the trail in reverse and start at the bridge, you won't encounter the mud. You will have a bit more of a workout as that half goes uphill after the bridge, but it's not strenuous.

This trail is definitely excellent for all ages, and would be a really fun ride on a bike. Leaves do cover the trail now that it's fall, but it didn't get too slick anywhere. I encountered a couple buzzing gnats along the way, but they didn't stick around for long at all. In total, I walked this trail four times around for my first hike here. Three forward and one in reverse. Definitely a gem of a trail. Don't let the easy rating or length deter you from enjoying it.