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Photos of Mount Misery Trail to Valley Creek Trail Loop

Distance: 2.3 miles Elevation Gain: 360 feet Route Type: Loop

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2 months ago

Overall, an okay trail, but most definitely a moderate hike. The hike was more strenuous than expected (the terrain wasn’t anything too technical), but was overall well marked, very well maintained and was rather busy. The entrance is not very clear (we parked a road over and walked using this map to guide), so be careful when heading in. There also wasn’t a waterfall, which was frustrating as we walked there (using both this map AND Google’s suggestions), which landed us increasingly between backyards, and eventually in one, which is when we turned around. This hike did have a lot of steep step downs/steep sections, so beware bringing children or pets here. There also wasn’t much of a view or anything to “experience”, outside of the abandoned mill building at the bottom, which was not preserved or maintained at all. I was very excited, seeing what seems like some fallen ghost plants in their prime! Very cool. The trail just didn’t offer much else, outside of a sweat.

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