2.3 miles
104 feet

dogs on leash

kid friendly

cross country skiing


trail running




trail running
2 months ago

Beautiful trails, lovely park, everyone you see is always kind and courteous. 10/10 would recommend to anybody to hike here. Great for trail runs, casual hikes, all day adventures, picnics, etc.

Sadly I see a lot of people down voting trails due to things you come across while hiking. Please consider: 1. You can cross where it says, it is a creek crossing. Wear proper shoes for your hike and enjoy! May I also suggest a water bag? 2. Wildlife was here before you, respect and admire from a distance and try to remember it is all part of a HIKING experience. 3. Yes, dogs sometimes are off leash to go swimming and/or if they are good dogos HOWEVER be mindful that not everyone you will see on the trail likes dogs. The Park Rangers are ticket happy, just a friendly reminder. 4. Avoid tickets and just park in the designated parking lots 'cause trust me, they'll get 'ya.

Enjoy nature, be respectful, use common sense, take your trash back with you and have a blast! Hope to see ya'll out there.