Cliff Trail is a 5.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Milford, Pennsylvania that offers the chance to see wildlife and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 5.7 miles Elevation Gain: 679 feet Route Type: Loop

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12 hours ago

Note there are areas of some of the side trails that are closed off due to Peregrine Falcons nesting.

1 month ago

Great trail system with multiple path options along main.

5 months ago

A few scattered view points along the trail. Some nice views. Signage is a little confusing in parts, but if you have a map or a picture of the map, it works out alright. Trail is well-maintained.

7 months ago

Nice trails . Worth the hike . Did Hackers falls and part of cliff trail . Recommend both .

7 months ago

Incredible hike. Awesome water falls, and views. Easy access to Pennsylvania's Tallest Waterfall. Check out my full write up with pictures and things to look out for.

8 months ago

Did Raymondskill Falls to up along Cliff Trail over to Milford Knob...was able to see two Falcons today... amazing sights as usual

Sun Aug 19 2018

Nice views!

Sat Jul 28 2018

Small part of the trail is still closed. I ran the open parts (from Raymondskill Falls to Milford Beach) in July, and enjoyed it a lot. We hiked parts of the cliff trail yesterday and combined it with Pond Loop and Buchanan Trail. Great for running, good for hiking, really nice views from the lookout points. Enjoyed the elevation changes a lot, too.

Sat Jul 21 2018

Great overlooks.. not great marking but easy to find..used my app to help in spots to keep me on track... some of the cliff trail was blocked because of Falcons nesting on cliffs, but can go on most of it along the cliffs Took cliff trail to Milford Knob & back

Sat Jun 30 2018

This Trail is now mostly open with the exception of the Minisink Overlook

Wed Mar 07 2018

As of February 23, 2018 the NPS has closed Cliff Trail to protect nesting Falcons. It is expected to reopen in July or August.

Sat Jan 20 2018

Took this trail today, beautiful day. Once up the initial incline there are some beautiful views. I read this trail as being 5 plus miles round trip. We were so intune with the beautiful weather and views that we didn’t realize right before the knob that we had gone 5 miles already. BE ADVISED the full loop is 10 plus miles. Well I got a full workout today. Great trail in the winter highly recommend.

Tue Jan 09 2018

I hiked this trail New Year's Day and again a week later. It's beautiful and totally doable covered in snow. I ended up taking the trail along the cliff on the way to Milford Knob and then taking the main trail back to the parking lot. If you're a woman who loves to hike join the Girls Who Hike PA FaceBook page and get invites to monthly hikes around PA.

Sun Oct 08 2017

Great views, easy to walk.

Sun Sep 17 2017

Amazing views

Mon Sep 04 2017

Beautiful overlooks. I connected up with this trail from Milford Knob.

Thu Jul 27 2017

Great, relatively easy hike with lots of views. Some other hikers were around as the afternoon approached, but when I arrived at 9:30 I was nearly the only person around. Enjoyed the halfway point before heading back toward the trailhead: the Knob overlook of Milford.

Mon Jul 10 2017

Awesome views! Pretty easy trail other than the initial climb.

Thu Jul 06 2017

Beautiful hike along the cliffs. There are several areas where you can go off the main trail a bit to the edge of the cliff and relax.

Mon May 01 2017

Amazing views if you stray from the main path and go closer to the edges!

Sun Apr 09 2017

Good hike, good trail.

Sat Dec 17 2016

Nice, easy, well maintained trail. Best to do it in the summer or fall, but you can do it in the winter and spring as well as long as you are willing to trek through snow and watch out for icy spots. Can get a little muddy in the spring, but nothing too bad. Has really excellent views and meets up with a ton of other trails along the way so you can easily make an all day hike out of it. It is dog friendly! It's beautiful, and since my parents live in the area I will definitely be hiking it again!

Mon Nov 07 2016

Did this as part of a loop with Hackers Falls and Raymondskill Falls. Arguably the best views in the area and a great easy trail to hike. Would definitely repeat.

Sat Sep 17 2016

Beautiful views from up on the cliff. Great trail to do a little running as well. It was cool to look over the town of Milford at the end of the trail.

Wed Aug 31 2016

Great for a quick day run! At the end there's a river to hop in.

Mon Aug 22 2016

Wonderful hiking. I must come back in the Fall to enjoy the Autumn colors!

Mon Jul 04 2016

Probably the most serene and beautiful views I've ever seen.

Sun Jul 03 2016

Great hike with beautiful views of the Delaware river. At the end you get a great view of the village of Milford

Sat Jun 18 2016

Gorgeous views. Add the loop to hackers falls and take a cooling break!

Sun Jun 12 2016

Great hike on the Cliff Trail out to Milford knob... Stunning views of the Delaware River. Milford knob was a bit of a disappointment but overall, a great hike!

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