Broad Mountain is a 11.5 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 11.5 miles Elevation Gain: 823 feet Route Type: Loop

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11 days ago

There isn't really anything of interest to see as part of this loop directly, but is still a decent/easy hike on wide path. However, if you are willing to hike a little extra and possibly bushwhack on some short side trails, there are some pretty incredible overlooks/views you will be rewarded with. There is the usual nice overlook just north of the main falls area, but there are 3 other spots a little further north from there on this loop that are just as nice, if not, better. When you get to the power line clearing, I highly recommend following it all the way down toward the mountain edge. The trail opens up and you get an awesome wide view of the gorge. You may notice a cool rocky outcrop further away on same mountain (probably with turkey vultures on it). If you continue on this loop, there will be a clear side trail that eventually leads to thinner grown-in/rocky path...but if you continue on this down it will eventually lead to that outcrop. A little further north on the loop and there is yet another clear side trail that leads to another outcrop. That last one was really nice mostly because it is was mostly two wide rocks with one slightly above the other which made a perfect natural bench. It may be a bit of hike just to get to these overlooks from this starting point, but I thought the unexpected views were well worth it.

Sat Sep 08 2018

Not a bad hike, flat but not real picturesque...

Thu Aug 09 2018

Torture. Easy elevation. Nightmare ride over never ending fist sized rocks ruined the whole experience

mountain biking
Mon Jun 18 2018

So I rode the American Standard which is an extension of this trail system. The last two miles had large rocks which made it virtually impassable for a biker or hiker. Someone did ruin it for hikers and bikers and should be taken outside and canned in public. I live in PA and pay taxes and have the same rights to this land as whoever the jack ass was who did this.... AND, I have a fishing license which allows me on this land. Shame on Jim Thorpe for allowing this. It's an absolute disgrace. Negligent, with malice, and intent. Human beings can just be bad people. Yes, I'm pissed. What can be done here to seek retribution or at least piece of mind that they did a terrible thing. OHHH! I'm sorry, how long is hunting season????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fri Jun 15 2018

Who put those stupid rocks on the trail it ruined it for hiking and for biking.

Sun Jul 02 2017

This trail is a little rough on the feet with some of the fist sized rocks that have been used on the trail. I was carrying my backpack ~20lbs with me. If you start this loop going clockwise, the last couple of miles are steady uphills and burn your energy fast on them rocks. There are a couple of streams on the last third of the trail that I filled up at and took a good break. If you were interested in camping somehwere around here, there looks to be some good spots that others have used and set camp fires up. The view is beautiful. It was a perfect day weather wise and you could see Jim Thorpe in the distance clear as day. There was a train puffing down below and some nice hikers, too. All in all, I had fun. This was my first pretty long hike in a good while. Will be going for more.

Fri Jun 09 2017

Beautiful hike for a morning or afternoon, also an incredible view of the Lehigh gorge if you follow the power lines

mountain biking
Thu Oct 20 2016

First time in a long time I was on the trail, what a mess with the big rocks, terrible condition to ride, don't bother.

Sun Sep 04 2016

There's a big parking lot that is at the trailhead which can't be missed. We went here for a walk/hike. The path has large rocks which make walking sometimes uncomfortable and tricky, hiking shoes are recommended. About a mile down the path is the stream which if you stay to the right of the bridge turns into a path that follows the stream to a nice waterfall about a quarter-mile down. We went about a mile and a half on the path itself but never got any overlooks. Not sure how far into the path from the trailhead the overlooks are. We were at the path around 4 o'clock and for the most part where I was in shade.

mountain biking
Fri Aug 05 2016

Not a great MTB trail for all the reasons in Ryan's review, and especially considering what else is available around Jim Thorpe. I'm sure the fist-size gravel is for erosion control, but it seems overdone in places. It probably accounts for less than 5% of the trail, but you'll spend a frustrating 10% of your time on it. Also, the north-south connector between the two main east-west legs was impassable due to mud, and there wasn't an abnormal amount of rain recently. So why five stars? First, it's on state game lands, bought and paid for by hunters, so I have a hard time complaining that it's not ideal for my purposes. Second, I wasn't shooting for any KOMs, just meandering around, hiking to the falls, and taking in the awesome lookouts. I camped out (free, no permit required ) and spent the next day tooling around the Gorge, Flagstaff Mtn, and Mauch Chunk. Helluva time overall, just know what to expect.

Wed Jun 25 2014

The trail I rode for years has been destroyed the trail has been covered in large loose gravel and the stream crossings have been covered with bridges aside from the overlook there is not one redeeming quality for a once perfect two hour ride.

mountain biking
Sun Oct 14 2012

This was the first time mountain biking the Broad Mt Loop. The weather was near perfect. Clear skies and in the mid 50's. I used the map linked to this review to find the various lookouts. The ride is about 2 hours depending on how long you visit the lookouts. The trailhead is at the top of the (2nd knoll) mountain on the right hand side. Their are 2 other parking areas once you reach the first knoll. Once you reach the 2nd knoll which is the very top of Rt 93, you will see a fairly large dirt parking area on the right. This is the trailhead for the map linked on this review. The trail is mostly double track dirt and stone roads. I prefer single track myself, but it makes for a nice scenic ride and is not a strenuous ride. The 2 lookouts mentioned on the map (at 4.2 and 5.1 miles) have a lot of trees, so it's hard to get a good look at the gorge or take any photos. The lookout at 5.7 miles is perfect. A great place to take photos. The only area I encountered any issue was the creek crossing. It was very sandy and deeper that expected, so my feet got soaked in the creek. Fine for the summer, but not so good if you're in colder weather. There's a few photos I saw posted that show this small creek. You will cross a 2nd creek but that has a brand new wooden bridge over it. From the wooden bridge you just follow the stone road straight ahead all the way back to Rt 93. This is the first parking area that you passed when you drove to the trailhead parking entrance. So you will have to pedal up Rt 93 back to the trailhead. Roughly 1/4 or so but Rt 93 has a very wide shoulder to bike on. Hope this helps. Safe and happy Mt Biking!

Mon Aug 13 2007

Nice ride. Look forward to another visit soon. Outlook No.1 was easy to find. Not a great view though. The DCNR needs to clear out some trees, obstructed view. Had trouble locating the second outlook so passed on it.

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