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Photos of Blueberry, Grave Ridge and Creek Trail Loop

18.2 miles
2,929 feet


nature trips

trail running





wild flowers


1 month ago

This is a beautiful trail! But there are things you will want to keep in mind. The upside is it is scenic and there are very few people. However, you will want to allow extra time for navigating and bush walking. Download the map first and use the GPS as a guide. You may find my lost cell phone battery pack, and if you do may it serve you well :) Details: A) very little of the trail has any blazes. Conversely...some trails on this route exist but are not shown on the map B) in the wet season.. the trail will be flooded and hard to follow because it looks like a river most of the way. C) Somewhere in the middle, there's a logging field.. and the trail disappears and the ground is covered in brush. D) Hiked it with my Dog and there's a part in the rock scramble that a dog can't do unless you have ropes and a partner leading up to Sunset rocks. The good news is you can double back and take the road back to the start point if needed, which is still pretty scenic. So.. do it! but plan for the unplanned and enjoy!

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