Yoran Lake Trail

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Yoran Lake Trail is a 9.1 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Crescent, Oregon that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

9.1 miles
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Directions from Willamette Pass: On State Highway 58, turn south on Forest Service Road #5810 which goes to the west end of Odell Lake. Go about 1.5 miles. Trailhead parking is on the right side of the road. The trailhead is about 1/4 mile before Trapper Creek Campground.

15 days ago

Lovely hike through a nice forest to a pleasant mountain lake. Not a difficult hike. Many dry creek beds. Probably muddy other times of the year. No poles or bug spray needed.

1 month ago

I consider myself a moderate hiker and was weary of taking this hike, but once started was not overwhelmed by the gradual increase in altitude. Definitely used my sticks and was glad for them. We hiked 8/7/18 and only encountered a few mosquitoes, I had spray but my husband didn't and he sought coverage with a long sleeve windbreaker. I was not bothered at all. Yoran Lake was delightful and beckoned us to jump into it's comfortable clear fresh water. Some water bugs and flying pests, but nothing to run and hide from. Dog loved it too. Wilderness permit to fill out at the trail head.

2 months ago

Backpacked in to spend two nights camping at Yoran Lake. Started the hike mid-afternoon. Trail was good - mostly dirt with an occasional dry stream bed crossing, and very well shaded most of the way. A lot of overall uphill, but not very steep and fairly easily done, even with packs. Bugs were present, mostly toward the second half of the hike, so spray was a must. Two nice lakes along the way before reaching Yoran Lake and our campsite of choice along the east side of the lake. Great view of Diamond Peak, and amazing reflection when the weather and wind is calm. Pleasant evening overall. And then the sun went down, and it was at that point that our nice little time by the campfire made us start hurriedly preparing for night and dashing to our tents.

Once the light dimmed, from the depths of Hades came a surging battalion of swarming, bloodthirsty mosquitos. Hellbent on annoyance, misery, and overall just plunging their proboscises wherever they could find bare skin, these little bastards would not be deterred by campfire smoke or deet, or anything else we could do to drive them away. It was a clear night, and I’m sure the stars looked amazing if we were brave (or dumb) enough to venture outside to have a look. There was no choice but to fall asleep to their whiny hum, and the same sound greeted us upon waking. The situation did not improve upon morning, and their tenacity and sheer numbers forced us to leave post haste a day early, making packing up camp a miserable experience.

In spite of the bugs, it was a good area to be overall. The views were great, the lakes were beautiful, and the trail itself was a good leisurely stroll. Simply hiking it is probably not a bad idea this time of year, but if you plan on spending a night or two, unless you want to be turned into a human pincushion or look like you have some freakish skin disease, the mosquitos make that decision one likely best made for late September or early October.

3 months ago

I enjoyed this hike. The pollen was very thick in the air this time of year (mid June). I wore lots of bug spray per the recommendations of the internet, and I was ok as far as mosquitoes... I may have just gotten lucky that it wasn't a very buggy day. There were a few flies around the lake, and a lot of mosquitoes when I got back to my car. I only ran into a few other people since it was a week day afternoon. The view of Diamond Peak from the shore of the lake was amazing, and the woods were very peaceful. Although there is a decent amount of elevation gain its spread out over 4+ miles so no individual stretch is intensely steep.

3 months ago

Great hike little bit of snow left

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Two Thumbs up! Nice hike, smooth constant grade on a well maintained trail. Beautiful lake with a great view of Diamond peak and nearby Mt Yoran. Did it as a loop by hiking in Yoran lake trail and skirting north side of the lake on a footpath that leads directly to PCT and returned that way. It adds something like 1.5 miles but provides a chance to see several more scenic lakes.
Buggy in the early season but great in September.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

We just did this hike for the second time and this time spent the night at Yoran lake. Once you arrive at the lake there are a number of crisscrossing trails wandering around the perimeter of the lake though they tend to become a lot less distinct over on the southwest side of the lake. We camped on a knoll at the north west end of the lake. There was a bit of a breeze and a little elevation above the lake to help keep the bugs down. They were not all that bad anyway but a few were a nuisance down at the waters edge. There was quite a bit of blown down dead fall along the trail in but nothing that would slow you down very much. The trail is rated as hard. Though it is an uphill pretty much all the way the incline is not especially steep at any point. I'd say it's more of a moderate hike.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

This is a difficult trail to make it up. Make sure your legs can handle going uphill for approximately 3 hours. The reward for the climb are some of the most beautiful views of diamond peak and of about 12 beautiful crystal clear secluded mountain lakes. The start of the hike across trapper creek is very nice and a good warm up. Not a whole lot to see until you get to the first un-named lake on the left, and then Karen lake, and just beyond that is beautiful Yoran Lake with 2 different islands. There is a loop you can make by hiking from Yoran lake to Lils lake and then the pacific crest trail down. This loop makes it about a 12 mile hike. The down hill portion of the hike was fairly easy on the PCT. But you will see multiple lakes on this trail. One big suggestion in july and august- bring lots of skeeter spray or better yet wear netting on arms and hat to protect yourself or you will get eaten alive.

1 month ago

Thursday, August 10, 2017

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