5.7 miles
1030 feet

dogs on leash


3 months ago

Hiked in mild January weather with just a few snowdrifts to cross, lucky for this time of year. A fine hike to start in lakeside Doug fir and ascend to the ridge past mature woods and meadows to more alpine forest. The trail surface was fine, the grades easy enough. The route offers 4 or 5 view points of 90-120 degrees. The route would have a 5 star rating except that it lacked the more panoramic views. We encountered 3" wide cat tracks in the snow, and think they are likely from a bobcat. Also elk tracks, But nothing sited as we were probably too noisy.
I could imagine this as a fine mtb route as well, based on my mtb experience, but saw little evidence of previous riders. But I may well return in the summer with mine.

Signage was good on the trail other than some had fallen off their posts and could be missed in snowier conditions.