Yellow Trail from Kah-Nee-Ta Resort [CLOSED]

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Yellow Trail from Kah-Nee-Ta Resort [CLOSED] is a 2.5 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Warm Springs, Oregon that offers scenic views and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

Distance: 2.5 miles Elevation Gain: 639 feet Route Type: Loop




[The Kah-Nee-Ta Resort is closed] A cool little trail at KahNeeTa. Short, but pretty steep at points. Takes you up-top on one of the large mesas overlooking the valley. There are trail maps inside the resort.

Tue Nov 13 2018

was very disappointed to get just down the hill from the trail and find that it was closed. signs blocking access to the road say closed and no trespassing. there were also signs on the road the warned not to park on the side of the road or you will be towed so you can't even park and walk up.

Tue Sep 18 2018

The trail leads to nice views of the upper warm springs river and has a hint of painted hills ambiance.. Beautiful!

Thu Apr 26 2018

Two hours of breath taking views of the canyon and mountain peaks including Mount Jefferson and the Three Sisters. Some steep areas with loose gravel, so be careful and make sure you have proper footwear. Spring temps were low in the morning but with no shade for miles, the sun warmed continuously. Take hat and sunscreen, for sure. All along the trail were an abundance of spring flowers - take time to tune into the details of low vegetation here in the high desert. At the top of the mesa, Raven’s Roost, is a viewpoint with a stone and concrete mountain peak viewer. Peer through the holes that pin point peaks and radio tower. Fascinating stopping point. All in all enjoyable hike that took 2 hours with lots of short rests.

Sat Apr 14 2018

Decent; expect some clay mud.

Sun Feb 26 2017

Feb 25, 2017: we were tired of snow-hiking, so we ventured here; there are more trails than just Yellow; we did yellow and Red, which suggests you can make it longer with more elevation gain. We were simply happy to find dirt and sun without snow. However, given this time of year and the Winter we're having, it is muddy up there for much of the hiking. In fact, it is that clay stuff that sticks and comes home with you.

Tue Jan 24 2017

Nice afternoon hike with my 8 year old and 2 year old. Steep in some sections. I had to carry my 2 year old part of the way. But makes for a good family trail.

Mon Sep 16 2013

Yeah, it's a resort. They list a few "trails," but there's only one that's decent. They call it the "yellow trail" on the trail maps they have a KahNeeTa. Portland calls it "Raven's Roost." I included two pics that were posted on Portland Hikers (the shot with the Deschutes river is an alternate hike I talk about at the end of this review). Anyway, the other KahNeeTa trails just meander in and out of pavement, golf courses, and horse trails. This one is about a 2.7 mile lasso and gets you on top on the taller mesas directly to the north of the resort. It's actually a bit steep for a bit and you probably gain about 800ft over a mile or so. Just take the wooden staircase at the top of the resort (at the top of the parking lots) and... keep on walking up-hill. After cresting the first hill, going straight (north) for a few hundred yards, and finding yourself below a very tall hill/mesa, I recommend heading left on the loop. So, you've gone left: after a quarter mile or so when the trail splits and your options are veering right up a steep hill towards the cliffs/rocks, or staying straight on the trail (west)- GO RIGHT AND HEADS TOWARDS THE HILL. Staying straight (west) will just take you on a boring horse trail. Anyway, it's actually pretty beautiful at the top of this mesa. There will not be anyone around and you'll have at last escaped resorts and people. It's not the best of hikes, but if you find yourself stuck at the resort and wanting to get out and about for a short while, do it. I post this in hopes that someone bored and stuck at the hotel googles this and finds it. If you want something really beautiful around here, you can hike the Deschutes canyon. I don't know if it's allowed, but I found myself hanging out with eagles and wild horses (really) on a little 2-mile out-and-back. Check the pic I attached. About 100 yards north of the turn-off to the resort (Warm Springs Road), there's a little trailhead just off the road on the north side of the Deschutes. Just follow the river west along the north side of the river--there's a trail and a few pretty epic canyons that're a little bit mind-blowing in their beauty. I was watching eagles fish out of the Deschutes for over an hour about a mile up, and it was beautiful. There wasn't a soul there, save the wild horses. If get stuck at this resort and get bored (and you probably will), grab a pack, escape, and... explore :0) ----The pic was taken along this trail looking SE about .1 miles to the west of Simnasho-Hot Springs road right before the turn-off to KahNeeTa.

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